San Blas

I woke up at 4:45 am, the appointment was at 5:00 in front of my hostel. Manuel arrived and picked me up. At this moment I knew i wasnt prepared at all. I had no food, no water and no booze with me. Damn. Okay there is no way back. But I knew (hoped…) that we will make a short stop somewhere, where a small shop should be. I started to imagine a whole trip without water. I did not know how the infrastructure on the island were. Anyway after 40 min we stopped somewhere nowhere and luckly there were water bottles for sale. I bought 4 bottles, you never know ;). Back in the car we headed to the San Blas islands. After a nice “offroad” part we arrived at the “border” and we had to pay 20$ each. After that we arrived at the “docks”, a small harbour with a “restaurant”, I think kiosk was a better word, a bathroom and a shelter to wait.


With my “very good” spanish I could tell them that I wanted to go to the Franklin’s island. I heard that this island was small and cheap and ideal for backpackers. After a 30 min watertaxi ride I arrived on the island. On the islabd there was a reception building, a cantin, bathrooms and of course the shacks for the tourists. I took a bed in a dorm for 26$ a night. The island was little but nice. The food was included (lunch, dinner and breakfast). A can of coke or beer costed 1.5$. When I arrived I was still tired and not in travelling mood. So I decided to relax and do nothing than enjoy the sun and the beach. After a night I went back to panama city. Summary: I recommend the san blas island but if you travel alone in the off-peak seasion chose another island, which is a little bigger and accomodate more people. I heard Inas island is good but keep in mind also more expensive.

San Blas Fact:
Taxi to the San Blas “harbour” round trip costs 60$
Border fee costs 20$
Franklin’s Island 4 drom bet cost 26$ per night
Taxi to another island cost around 10-15$.
My tip: take enough money with you they do not accept credit cards :P.

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