München, Munich

My journey started at 18:15 at the carpark Sihlquai in Zurich. I took the X206 straight out of Zurich to Munich, the city of beer.

After a nice ride and a good conversation with my seat neighbour I arrived in Munich at 22:00.This time I had a nice accommodation, close to the centre, it was the couch of a friend of mine.

That evening my friend and I went to the Milchbar, a nice cute club for enjoying the night life of Munich. The entry fee was 6€ and the wardrobe cost 2€.
Anyway we enjoyed the time there and had some drinks together until the birds started to chirp.

Next morning we enjoyed a nice Bavarian breakfast, Weisswürste, Brez’n und Bier (veal sausage, pretzel and Beer). It was a great deal, it only cost 7.90€.

Also my German friend was surprised, was really a great deal. If you are interested, the restaurant was called Haidhauser Augustiner, I totally recommend it.

In the afternoon we visited the university (Ludwig-Maximilian), a really nice building to see and of course for free. Later on we transferred to TUM (technical university of Munich).

On the top of the main building there is a coffee/bar/pub, where you can enjoy a nice view and of course  you can catch there some rays of sun. Some hours later we walked around the Pinakotheks, also really nice to watch.

Due to this long walk we got hungry and headed to a different location.

My friend recommended a nice pommes frites booth called Pommes Boutique.  There you can buy some real Belgian pommes also you can chose from 20 different pommes sauce.

Really really delicious, if you are in Munich go and try from the tasty pommes. I totally recommend it.

Some hours later we already headed to the centre of Munich. Near the Rathauskeller (town hall cellar) there is a good decent restaurant, which serves Munich specialities for low-middle budget travellers.

I tried the corn flakes Schnitzel, it was so tasty and I also got a huuuuuuuge portion. After some bites to be honest after the half of the plate I was totally full…. therefore I took the rest to home.
That evening we had a relaxing evening with beer and some nice talks.


On Sunday, we ate Sushi for breakfast. All you can eat for 7.90€ it was worth it!!!

Later that day we had walk near the river Isar, but it was really windy and cold, therefore we changed the location and transferred to a pub.

Augustiner Keller: where we drank some beer. I ordered a “Mass” (1 Liter of beer) also I tried a Bretzn Soup (Soup with pretzel and bacon cubes).

It was the perfect snack for oncoming bus trip back home to Switzerland.

Of course you could do a lot more in Munich, like the BMW World, Olympia Park etc. but I did that already another time.

This time I just enjoyed the meals and the beverages in Munich.



Try the pommes boutique
Pub on the top of the TUM
Haidhauser Augustiner, Weisswürst special in the morning


Bee-line: ZRH – Munich – ZRH 2x 315.00 km =630.00 km

Image Gallery of my Munich Trip
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