Jungle, Lost & Found, Coffe Tour

We took our luggage and went to the water taxi, it was behind the park on the calle 1A (near Barco Hundido), we paid 6 dollars for the transportation.

After our breakfast we took our belongings and went to the water taxi service and took a boat for 6$ (p.p) to Almirante. Later we went on a bus, which drove to David. After 60 km, 2h-3h and 6$ we got off the bus and we nearly reached our destination. Between our jungle hostel and us was just a little hike of 20-25 minutes uphill with our whole luggage. For me it was no problem at all because I was fully filled with motivation. For me this was my first time in a real jungle. I say real because in Switzerland there exists a zoo with a big jungle inside a big hall. Also during the climb you can see different signs on the way to the top, which tell you how long you have to climb until the destination.

Finally we arrived on the “top” and we were astonished. I did not expect what I saw. Solid houses built out of concrete and nicely made pathways existed. Later than we checked in and visited our dorm which will be our home for three nights. I found out that we will sleep in a 24 bed room dorm.

:X ou shit I thought at first, but then I moved on because there is more important stuff to think about :). Anyway we met nice people from all over the world. Australia, USA, Israel, Schweden, Germany and also a swiss girl. That day we relaxed, enjoyed the nice view and also played some games (uno etc.)

On that day we ate rice with meat and some vegetable for dinner. Later that night I also went to the party barrack. Yes, you read rightly, there was a party barrack in the middle of the jungle. Beer or rum cola for 1 dollar (during happy hour). Also you could play table soccer, but be careful the loser has to pay a round.

Next day I did a coffee plantation tour. The plantation was all natural without any chemicals and it was really interesting how the farmer organized his plantation for the best optimized harvesting. Also we prepared our own coffee, from splitting the beans from the fruit flesh, splitting the beans from its hard shell and last but not least beans have been roasted. The highlight of this trip was the hot roasted beans with honey from wild bees. Mmmmmhhh really delicious. Anyway we also produced sugar water from a cane sugar in an old press made out of trees. That juice we drunk with a spice chili, it made my day. In addition we also got an piece of cane sugar (flesh) with a piece of orange, I really recommend you this combination of tastes. On our way back we could again get on the 4 by 4 truck and drove back to our hostel. All in all it was a great day which also ended again in the party barrack, where we had a fun time playing games and having good conversations.

The day after, we prepared us for our second trip. On this trip we drove to a nice waterfall on a private ground. From the car we had to walk around 5 minutes on this private ground to reach the waterfall. The waterfall was secretly hidden behind some small hills. We took our swimsuits and took a swim in there. After some minutes the guide showed us a small “mountain” ledge, where we could jump down. It was roughly 10 meters from the water level to the ledge. Said and done!!! Wicked, epic, awesome, after that jump I was alive again :).
I strongly recommend you this trip to the waterfall.
After one hour we kind of had enough from the water and we were dressed again and moved on to the next attraction. Petroglyphs were on the agenda. Anyway I don’t write a lot about it because for me it was really boring and not that special, I am interested in technology and mechanic therefore I was not that into this topic.

But if you are interested in it, you can read this.

After the petroglyphs we ate chicken for lunch and moved to the hot springs. Yeah you read rightly, hot springs. They were really hot, I guess around 40 to 50 °C. After we took a bath in the hot water, the air temperature of 30°C was freshly “cold” :). To be honest the hot springs were a little bit too hot therefore I changed place and took a bath in the river close by. Also there was a spot where the hot springs flowed in to the cold river, there you had a good balance of cold and hot water, just perfect. The time flew by and we already had to decamp. I forgot to mention, for the street from the main street to the host springs you really needed a 4 by 4 truck, it was a hell of a bouncy ride. On that night we played some games and also had good discussion again, also I could try from the rum Abuelo 12y. You could really taste the different between the normal one and the 12 years old one. The time flew by in the jungle and we already had to pack our belongings and prepare us for our next destination Boquete. Next morning we woke up around 9 am and slowly walked down hill. Down on the “main street” we were up all day to get lucky (Daft Punkt ;)). Down there we waited for a bus, which was not full. But after 10 or 15 minutes we were lucky and we had our ride to David!!!

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Facts of Lost & Found:
I totally recommend you to stay more than one night a Lost & Found, preferable 3 or more nights. I just did two tours there but you could do a lot more. Hike around or there was a treasure hunt organized by the hostel.

The hostel had nearly everything, food, sweets beer etc. Do not worry.

The waterfalls and the coffee tour was awesome
Especially the jump from the edge 😉

To be honest you could skip the glyphs and the hot springs, for me they were kind of boring, but still okay.
More information:

Official Water taxi 6$ (Bocas to Almirante or vice versa)

Transportation Almirante to Lost & Found 6$