In the spring of 2016 to be exact on the 15th April something special happens. Four strange unique guys have been gathered on the airport of Zurich for one goal! The objective of this encounter was one word: Barçelona. These guys waited in front of the gate for boarding the airplane of the Vueling airline. As normal a good journey never starts without any challenges. In this special case the airplane to Barça was delayed for some minutes. Despite the circumstances these men had a good time due to the superb atmosphere. In addition the fire place there contributed a nice touch and also provided a wonderful source of heat.
Finally, the airplane has been landed and these four gentlemen boarded the plane, where one guy met a nice Spanish man from Barçelona. They had a good time and moreover they shared some pleasing experiences. They enjoyed the fascinating world of music. The time flow by and suddenly these four heroes landed the first time in Barçelona. Even the not available refreshment on the flight could stop our guys.

After the usually security check, they bought metro tickets and went straight to the city centre. But after some minutes they realised that the metro will stop earlier than expected, far far away from the destination. Therefore, our main characters took a taxi and had a funny ride to the Plaça Reial. Finally, these men could check-in at their hostel, which was called or is called Kabul. Some people say the hostel is good and has everything you need to survive some days also these men share the same opinion that the hostel provides every necessity. A dorm with four bed and also four lockers cost around 20 euro p.P therefore they paid 80 euro for the whole dorm.

Arrived at the dorm they prepared themselves for a night out, but before they went on an adventure, they boosted themselves with a nice vegetarian Falafel. That Falafel place offered a superb variety of different stuffing for in the Falafel. From carrots and olives to dried tomatoes and a olive paste. These guys enjoyed their meal to the fullest. Just to mentioned, this Falafel was not the last one they ate in Barçelona, more Falafel were eaten during this adventure.
Unfortunately one guy had to cancel the night out due to heavy head ache. Anyway the rest went on and were ready for Barçelona at night.

The whole night in summary:
Ride with a tricycle                                                                                   Check
Enter a club in Barçelona                                                                        Check
Buy water from a strange man and nearly get punched               Check
Arrived at the hostel late in the morning                                          Check
Wake up the sleeping 4th guy due to heavy noises                          Check


Some hours later…..  the whole group stood up and prepared themselves for a nice sight-seeing day in Barça. The four went to a bike rental shop and rented a Lamborghini Gallardo for three days, of course not, they rented four boring city bikes. After some start problems they were finally on the way to the top of Mirador del Poble Sec, where the station of the cable car was. Our four heroes enjoyed the view over the harbour of Barçca. After the crazy downhill part they visited Maremagnum, where they drove over pier street Rambla de Mar. If you want to see a lot of valuable things, you should have a walk around the port near the OneOcean Club. You have no idea what our men have seen.

From a Porsche 911 to Audi R8 to an Aston Martin. Also a green and an orange Lamborghini and not to forget a 100 meter long private yacht were parked.

Also around the port there were different legal and also illegal markets, where you could buy sunglasses, shoes, jewellery etc

After dealing and bargaining, two of the four had now new sunglasses, which were/are really stylish.

Next stop was the beach next to the Plaça del Mar, where they relaxed for some time. Nice to know: some people there offer beer and mojito. The lowest price you could pay for one beer was 1€ and for a mojito around 1€ to 1.5€. Never ever pay 4 or 5 € for one mojito ;). You could get also a massage for 5€.

For the reader who are wondering, yes of course without Happy End and also our four guys did not ask for the price of one.

After the beach our heroes went to the casino for some hours and hoped that they were lucky. In fact: two out of four went out with a profit.

Anyway, sunbathing and a casino visit makes you hungry, therefore they headed slowly back to the hostel, where they ate the phenomenal Falafel again (look, I mention it before, that our heroes will eat more of them 😉 )

Due to the demanding day, these heroes needed a fresh shower therefore they were back at Kabul for a refreshment break.

Our main characters were back on tour and head an appointment with a lady, who promoted and promotes VIP tickets for tourist. Despite the fact, that the tickets aims at pay willingly tourists, four tickets have been bought. The tickets included two free entrances and all you can drink until 1:00.

At around 1:00 the men went to Pasha a Night club at the beach of Barça.
Let’s say it was around 2:00 until every men (included also other tourists like drunk Englishmen and drunk Frenchmen) was in front of the night club.

This can be due to the good condition of these tourists that the journey of our heroes was delayed for some minutes…

Also in addition these French “gentle”men nearly started a fight with one of our main characters. But in the end you can say it is the fault that the Frenchman drank too much alcohol.

The time at the night club summarized:

  • Dancing with others
  • Meet people, for example Russian xD, you are welcome Senior Intercompany Analyst at Johnson & Johnson 😉
  • Drinking
  • Make good conversations 😛
  • Muck around
  • Last but not least have a good time

After a while three of four went slowly home, even though they encountered some troubles on the way back. Small information: a BJ costs 20€. Stop your thinking: No!

Sunday morning: three out of four stood up and had a small trip to Sagrada Familia, where they enjoyed a refreshingly drink in the shade.
The main goal of the Sunday was the match in Camp Nou, Barça vs Valencia. Therefore they headed to the ticket office where they gathered their reserved and prepaid tickets for the match.

This small trip to Sagrada Familia and the ticket office made our three guys hungry. That’s why they headed to a pub/bar, where a buffet of Tapas was waiting for them. With a full stomach they were back on track and on the way back to the hostel, where they finally meet the 4th guy, which was now fully regenerated.

It was 19:30, time to take the bike and drive to Camp Nou. Our guys parked their bike somewhere “safe” and entered the fascinating stadium Camp Nou. Our guys were speechless. The view from the seats was amazing, let’s say astonishing. They were flabbergasted. The stadium was full and the atmosphere was superb. You could see the excitement in the eyes of our heroes.

Again it was time for a beverage and a snack, a hotdog and a beer.
Fortunately or unfortunately Barça lost after 95 minutes of playing.

Tip: take a pullover or a sweater with you to the stadium, even though it was 20°C the wind could cool you drastically down.

Our guys enjoyed the match to the fullest and left the stadium with super amazing memories.

Back on the bike, they drove down back to the Plaça Reial and then further to the clubbing area, where they met the driver of the tricycle from Friday night. He then recommended that the guys should try a shisha bar in the north. They hesitated not even 1 second, so they were on the way to the shisha bar, where they enjoyed the last hours of the Sunday/Monday night.

Monday morning, everybody was happy to pack their luggage… just joking, going home is not always cool, but you know our four men had to go back. Theirs last day in Barçelona have been used for a sunbathing at the beach.But before they went to the beach, they give the food market a chance. You could eat there fresh fruits, ham (jamon), salami etc.. It was amazing. The guys tried some salsiz with garlic and one with paprika, it was the pure heaven.
Later on after a delicous snack they arrived at the beach and started to relax until the promoters with the beer, mojitos, massage and sheets came….

Anyway our guys had created a good strategy to shoo away the promoters. Our four heroes offered always a sip of whiskey-cola to the promoters. The strategy worked really well, but not for the massage ladies. Therefore one man offered a German guy to pay for a massage but unfortunately he declined. The sponsor did not give up and paid the 5€, so that the massage lady gave a massage to the German man. The situation was really funny and our main character had their fun due to the reaction of the German man, which stood up and ran away.

They enjoyed the last sun in Barçelona until it was time to give back the bikes and take a taxi to the airport, where they took the plane back home to the lovely fu**ing cold Switzerland (4°C).


***Barçelona Image Gallery***

Yours wwW




  • Rent a bike in Barçelona (cost for four bikes for 2.8 days 80€, discount 20% between 14:00- and 15:00 at Rent a Bike Barcelona – Barcelona Holiday Bici)
  • Have a walk / ride on the top of the Mirador
  • Enjoyed the variety of things on the Rambles
  • Eat a Falafel at Maoz Vegetarian (4.95€)
  • Attend a match in Camp Nou!!!
  • Eat a wok from Wok to Walk, it was delicious
  • Sunbath at the beach
  • Go to the casino at the beach
  • Visit Sagrada Familia
  • Take a ride with the tricycle
  • Visit the market (Mercado de la Boqueria)


Bee-line: ZRH – Barcelona <-> = 2 x 843.84 km = 1687.68 km, 198.68 Euro


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