Moscow / New York City

Ready to rumble

I just checked in at Zurich airport for my long trip to Las Vegas over Moscow (6h) and New York (20h). In New York I will leave the airport for a little walk in NYC.

But during check-in Kai, my check-in personnel could not say if the bag will be transferred automatically at JFK. So just in case I have to wait at the baggage claim at JFK for my language. You never know what they do.

The 6 hours at the Moscow airport was the hell. The Moscow airport does not have a proper “sleeping” or relaxing area and all chairs at the gates have arm rests… Never mind after 6 hours I was happy to board the flight to JFK and seat down in the 777.

My seat was next to the aisle and was on the right side. As we were all seated I could rest a little bit until the friend of my seat neighbour came and asked me kindly if I could change seat with her. As a gentleman I said why not and she showed me her seat. For my surprise it was in the business class. Look, how lucky I am ;). Let’s say after a hard night at Moscow I finally got my well needed rest. Also there was no person seating next to me. Summarized: great food, comfortable sleep and no crying babies and more over hot wet towels to clean yourself.

Some hours later I landed at JFK.
My next challenge was to come through the immigration point and to find out whether my baggage will be transferred or not. Anyway after some long time I finally went through the immigration. The long waiting was in the end useful because when I went to the baggage claim my bag was straight there waiting for me. I call that perfect timing. For sure I hoped that the airline will transfer my bag automatically but it was how it was. Therefore I headed to Terminal 4 to domestic claim. 24 hours for 8$. After the paperwork I went to the airtrain again but this time to Jamaica station where I took the train to Penn Station. Airtrain fare plus Penn Station transfer cost 15$. 5 for the air train and 10 for the LLRR (railway).

I enjoyed the ride on the train and after a refreshing ride I arrived at the Penn Station where I set for the first time my foot on New York City terrain. Uuuuu exciting. For my first time I breathe New York City air. It took me some minutes until I realized that I am in Manhattan.

My next stop was the Brooklyn Bridge therefore I took the metro to High Street (A,C) where I went on the Brooklyn bridge for a small walk over the bridge. The view on Manhattan was amazing. I totally recommend every NY tourist to have a small walk over the bridge.


After the Brooklyn Bridge I went to the Wall Street and the charging bull. Of course I also had a look on the trinity church. Then I headed to the WTC memorial. Wow was this impressing. Holy moly. Two big “fountains” and nice sculptures around. It was really a visit worth. For the museum i did not have enough time and also the price was really proud. It was time for a small snack. During my meal I enjoyed the NYC atmosphere and realized that I was some 1’000 km away from my home.

Later that night I visited the time square and got flashed by the big billboards. Also I could not leave NYC without a view from above. Therefore I went to the View in the Marriott Hotel. On the floor 48 you had a nice view over New York and also the restaurant rotated 360° in a hour. So a big recommendation for the View at the time square. Slowly I could feel the lack of energy so that’s why I headed back to the airport by train and airtrain, where I slept for some hours.

It was my first time I flew with JetBlue it was a strange experience. You had snacks and beverages for free also WiFi was included. But good meals, like the ones you need when you are real hungry cost extra.

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Brooklyn Bridge (from High Street to Manhattan)

Wall Street and Charging Bull

WTC Memorial

Time Square

The View in the Marriott Hotel



Air train plus train to Penn station 10+5$
Cheaper way: air train + metro circa 8$ but takes longer



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