One night in Bangkok

After a pleasant flight from Cairns to Sydney and an interesting conversation with a gentleman next to me (whose birthday was also on that date). Anyway the gentleman recommended me a lot what to do in Bangkok and the Maitre de Cabine handle him for a small birthday gift, a good champagne for celebrating his day.
Anyway I was the lucky guy due to hi dislike of alcohol I got the champagne which I enjoyed later that day in Sydney.

After another night in Sydney my final destination was in range. Just some hours between me and one night in Bangkok.

Finally I arrived at my hostel near Sala Daeng. The way was pretty easy. The trains were marked very well and you had enough signs to find your way to the right stations. After a shower I went to MBK for having a dinner and a walk around the many floors. Unfortunately I was a little late. Some shops were already closed and the food court was being already cleaned. Fortunately I could get spicy chicken and a red curry. Both were really delicious but still I was a little bit sad due to the missed green curry, which was recommended by the gentleman on the flight to Sydney.

After the dinner I walked around the shop.

Later than I took a scooter from MBK to Sala Daeng where I had a walk around the red light district. Yeah it was a strange experience more chaotic than Amsterdam, I guess Asian vs. Europe, but still fun to watch and to talk with the promoters.

After that walk I had in the district I enjoyed a small snack from a street food cart. It consists of fried chicken with a spicy sauce, really delicious and horrendous cheap. Moreover I still had time and went to the vertigo and moon bar. Anyway there was a dress code and that night I was walking around with my flip flops………. (First time I went out with my flip flops ever)
Bad luck for me. I will visits the bar next time when I am in Bangkok.

Next morning I started little earlier so I could enjoy more from Bangkok.
For breakfast I ate two dough balls with pork inside, how are they called, someone has an idea? And a fresh mango.

Because I did not use a lot of money yet (due to the cancelled vertigo bar trip) I took a tuck tuck to the train (ratchaprarop).

At the airport I bought also mango with sticky rice, really expensive (maybe too expensive) but I had to try it out for fulfilling my Bangkok experience before my in 4 weeks around the world trip ends.

The sticky rice was DELICOUS!!! Also the coconut sauce was awesome.

All in all it was a nice experience and for sure I have to go there another time. I just had a small glimpse of Bangkok but it was still worth it. 😉


MBK for shopping
Sticky rice with mango
try out the food from the food carts during night
take a glimpse of the red light district
try out the green curry dish
enjoy a beer at the vertigo bar (in progress)




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