Amsterdam and Taipei

It was Saturday the 5th of November, I was ready for my next adventure!!! Our first destination was AMS. Our plan was to experience AMS for two full nights. On our first night out we went to the rembrandtplein, where we had a huge choice of different clubs. Our choice fell on the PRIME club. At the time the club was not crowded and we had great fun there. Also the hidden storage room incident on the dance floor was amazing. It was a long night, with the first sun rays we went to our beds in the hostel Meeting Point. After some hours of charging I organize two wok to walk and some beers. The whole Sunday we relaxed with playing Jass (a Swiss card game) and enjoying great Dutch beer. For dinner we grant us a huge doner kebab plate due to the future lack of kebab on Palau. We left the really really cold Amsterdam behind us and had a small stay over in Bangkok, as far as I could remember 5h. We enjoyed our holidays to the fullest with local liquor and food until we could board again.

Next destination TPE.

Taipei the capital city of Taiwan was waiting for us. In front of us was a 22 h stay over in TPE. From the airport we took a bus to the city centre (125 NTD) and takes approx. 1h (for further information please click here. For my travel mate we wanted to organize a snorkel and diving glasses due to the low prices in Asia, we thought so. But in the end we realized that diving gear is horrendous expensive in Taiwan (imported from Japan) more expensive then in Switzerland, we could not believe that. With no additional gear we headed to our hostel (Ximen WOW hostel). This hostel was absolutely amazing and affordable (580 NTD or ca. CHF 19.-), I would rate it 10 out of 10 or 9/11….
The same night we took a taxi from Ximen to Taipei 101, normally I take the metro or cheaper transportation but in this case time was more valuable than money.
Was absolutely astonishing, Taipei 101 even just from the ground. What do you do on a Tuesday night in Taipei?
Yeah you are right you go early to bed because next day we had to catch the flight at 13:35.
Of course NOT!!!!! The destination was WAVE club, all you can drink for around 800 NTD or let’ say CHF 25.-. Ouuu was that fun but the queuing system was really strange, you had to queue a line like for waiting for the TSA. And then at the end you had to handle your empty glass or bottle to the barkeeper for getting the next drink, first time you had to handle him/her the coupon you got at the entrance. Also for small really little shots glasses you had to queue 5-7 minutes…… Then no wonder that some people queued and when they got their drink queued again and while waiting in the queue they could enjoy their liquids. Again late in our bed, alarm clock set to 08:00.

You could see the 2-3 h sleep in the eyes of my mate (like wet whatever), no further comments….. We appreciated our nap on our bus trip to the airport…


FINAL DESINATION was the next statement!!!


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