Travel E-Safety #boardingpass

Never ever post your Boarding pass with all information!!!


This is my first article about E-saftety.
I did also some tries with my old pictures of my boarding passes, which I have never posted online (of course) due to safety reasons.
But nevertheless I was interested in the results I got from just a normal screenshot of my barcode on my boardingpass.


Just with this small picture I could gather more information.

With the help of:

I found out my booking reference (PNR), my iberia miles gather number and also all the middle names you need for changing your bookings.


So my advice to you is never ever post your boardingpass on instagram or other social media without covering important data like PNR, Names and barcode.

Also with the help of you could find out all flights which were booked together with the flight above. Also if you know the airway you could change the ticket or chose refund and you get “flight money” for it. More information you will find in the youtube video. It is really an interesting talk.


Anyway I made a test with instagram.
Lets look what is online:

#boardingpass on instagram

Oh look here a picture with all information needed:
for private reason I covered all important data.


On the picture all relevant data was visible even the PNR, name and airway.
But I tried it out by myself and took a screenshot just of the barcode.


Hit. Name was right and even the PNR was correct. Next step was to find more information about the whole flight.

I tried my luck and look what I found:
Maybe this time not that successful but imagine if somebody does it to make a fraud.




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