Arrived in David we ate in a cantina until we caught our next bus to Boquete. The prize was fair and the food delicous. I just remember that my friend received a broken key from the person, who went before her to the toilet. So she was in a bad situation and had to give back the broken key….. Anyway after that bad incident we regarged our luck and took our ride to Boqeute.

Oh the bus drive was awesome I am not sure anymore how long it tooks us, I did not care because the whole bus was filled with nice regeton music all the way to Boquete.

We arrived, took our laguage and walked to our hostel in the north of Boquete. It was called Hotel Central Boquete and they had their own jacuzzi. It was the 24th of december and we were really hungry and of course we took a speacial dinner that night with good wine and a dessert.


I just told you that the hotel had a jacuzzi so before we left the hotel we asked the nicley if they could set up the jacuzzi therefore when we arrived at the hotel we got changed and jumped in “our” jacuzzi……. AWESOME.

After “this dessert”, I rewared myself with the cherry on top and that was a cigarr and good ron with coke.


Next day, unfortunately it was 25th, everything was closed so we had a small stroll around Boqeute and enjoyed the relaxed calm atmosphere.



For breakfast we had special oatmeal from our friendly american. The “special” ingredients were following:

  • dried prunes
  • allmonds
  • nuts
  • and last but not least Lurpark butter for a nice taste and
  • one bag of Quaker Instant oatmeal.

I preffered the apple & cinnamon taste… MHMHMHMH.
After that some hot water was added and we let it rest for around 2 minutes, astonishing!!!
Party in my mouth!!!

It was 26th, time to say goodbye to my friend. We started our last bus drive together to David where I said them goodbye and took my bus to Panama City where I enjoyed my last days.

Unfortunately I forgot all prices and duration of the travel…

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