After a relaxing metro ride to the train station nearby our hotel we finally could check-in and prepared us for our first adventure in Hamburg.

We walked through the area next to our hotel (Steindamm Street) which consisted out of around 50% of doner kebab shops. The rest where gambling salons and markets with a touch of the near east. The area was quite diverse.

We enjoyed a really good lunch in an awesome kebab shop. It was called Urfa and they offered delicious dishes which were cooked over an open coal grill, astonishing good. The next days we ate there several times, I totally recommend it.

Full with food we had a walk around the city and the Binnenalster also we took some picture in the nearby Wallringpark. Nothing good can happen when you do not drink beer in Germany therefore we went to the Hofbräuhaus (HB) and enjoyed Bavarian beer.

Next destination was Landebrücken, where we watched the boat for a moment and enjoyed the time in Hamburg. Speicherstadt was also on our list that night where we also walked around and appreciated the views.

Back at the hotel we prepared us for the Reeperbahn. Finally we could experience the Reeperbahn, the famous party area in Hamburg. There were a lot of lightly dressed women all around which had some special offers for men. Anyway we had enough for walking around so we went in to the draft house for some drinks.

Happily the draft house offered live music and we had a great time there until early in the morning.


For breakfast we tried some baklava and other near east specialties. Soooooooo sweet!!!

Sweets with honey, walnuts, cashewnuts, almonds and on and on. There where so many uncommon sweets.

Boat trip! Boat trip!

Back at the Landungsbrücke we took a boat trip to the container harbour. We have seen one of the biggest container ships of the world. Mary Maresk. So impressive. Also we had a great view on the tow boats and the Beverly Hills of Hamburg. One house was sold in 2016 for around 90 millions. During the 50ies that area belonged to the poor fishermen and the “homeless”. Some really expensive yachts were also parked at the shipyard for maintenance.

Back on land we headed it the Elbphilharmonie, the new expensive concert hall in Hamburg. The reservation ticket of 2 € was worth the view from the top also the longest elevator trip in Europe was included. But in the end I expected a little bit more. More insight in to the concert hall or the story about the construction not even a small miniature model was there…

Next exciting stop was at the sky bar 20up (like when you play Mario;) )

Nice decent bar at the 20th floor. Up there you have huge view on the harbour. Do not forget to follow the dress code: sporty elegant so no flip flops and swimsuits.


The next day we, both are interested into technical stuff like airplanes, head therefore to the Airbus plant on the other side of the Elbe. No photos unhappily. But I can tell you holly molly was that impressive. One big plant next to even bigger plants. Also the assembly of the different segments of the A380 were breath-taking. With my average 1.78 m I felt like an ant inside the assembly hall. The dimensions were massive, incredible. The price of 23€ was totally worth it. For sure from my view with my background I would have been more excited if I would have seen the manufacturing process of the parts and not just the assembling. Still amazing.

Small information:

We took the bus 150 from Hamburg Alton train station and got out at the airbus station took us around 40 minutes.


We went back with the fairy so we got on the bus again (150) and got off the bus at the Landungsbrücke Finkenwerder, where the boat to the other side waited and drove us to the Landungsbrücke. Right after we arrived there we headed to Captain San Diego, which is the biggest active museum ship on earth. The storage room was really really big and also the machinery room was wonderful to see. This kind of attraction is exciting for everyone from small to elderly.

After that much of walking we went to the Spanish area where we enjoyed a three course dinner with flabbergasting dishes. Shrimps in oil with garlic. The fish plates with 7 different fishes, side dishes were vegetables, potatoes and rice. For dessert please see the attached picture. Mhhhhm delicious! Panna cotta, prunes with a sweet prune juice and chocolate cake with liquid molten hot chocolate in the inside. No comments.



On our last day in Hamburg we went to the Miniatur Wunderland. Oh shit was that rich in detail. In my opinion the attraction is more for younger people and for kids or families. Of course I appreciated the richness of details and the effort behind the work but it did not catch my full attention as the Airbus plant. After 2 or three hours we have seen everything and had a lunch and a walk in the Schanzenviertel (hipster area of Hamburg). So different than the other areas in Hamburg.


For the cherry on the top of the ice cup we had the view from the St. Michael’s church. The stairway of 77 m was worth the view. Total recommendation!!! Nearly the best attraction of whole Hamburg.

Unfortunately after the church we already had to head back to the hotel and grab our luggage and take our flight back to Zurich.



Taipei Free half day tour

We took the afternoon tour, for more information:


First we did the Chiang Kai-shek Mermorial Hall, which was huge. The soldier change at 14:00 was nice to watch.


The Longshan temple was also awesome and incredicle in its architecture.


After the look around in the temple we had a strol in the market, where you could eat delicous food. Unfortunately our tour was really dense packed and we had to be on time back at the airport. But still we could taste some delicious food.


At that point it was already time to think about going home and go back to real life.


Cheerio WWW





We were so excited. We could visit Peleliu awesome and moreover we will fly with a Cessna.
A W E S O M E ! Thank you again J & C.

This time I will just let the pictures tell the awesome flights to Peleliu and the flight back we flew via neighbour island (monkey island / Ngaur Island).

Landed on Peleliu we waited for Mr. Relaxed, who brought us our bikes for our ride on Peleliu. First stops were the near tank ruins, the bloody nose ridge and the memorial (Shinto Shrine). The top and the view was worth the climb! On top we had a toast on all fallen soldier and also on our spectacular trip in the pacific. Near to that there was a small walk way through the forest which was fortunately cleared from land mines only rule was to walk inside the marked white area. Outside the white marks you were in the red area the danger zone which was not cleared by people therefore it would have been lethal to cross the line. On that walk way you still could find some equipment from the soldiers. Ammunition shells, cans etc.

We headed to the north to watch what is left on the island. Arrived at the north we had a chat with some locals. They invited us for Nga-Nga.

In South-East Asia, the leaf is daubed with lime paste and topped with thin slices of an areca-nut; then the leaf is folded, like wrapping a present, to the desired shape and size. Finally, the wad is placed between the teeth and the cheek and pressed with the tongue to allow sucking and chewing. Sometimes it is held in the mouth for hours; others sleep with it. The interaction of the ingredients during chewing produces a red-coloured saliva. Most of the betel juice is spat out as red spittle.
Funny experience and nice cultural tradition.

Back on the bike we organized some snacks and drinks at the local market. Also we wanted to visit Mr. Relaxed but we could not find him unfortunately but anyway we ordered a beer at the bar with local bartenders in it.

It was already afternoon and we had to head slowly back to the airfield. So back on the bike we hit the pedals until we reached the museum.

Museum on Peleliu


Maybe some of you have seen the HBO series “The Pacific” there are two episodes about the war on Peleliu and the capturing of the airfield, really interesting after our holidays we watched the described episodes!!! Also in the movie you could see the bunker, which is now as shown above the museum of Peleliu. Nice idea.

Without any navigation equipment and or maps we drove to the south. Unfortunately we took a detour and landed on the Beach orange tree. Where we meet the friends from our diving company (fish n fins). We had a nice talk with them but also had to hurry a little bit. Because we really wanted to jump in the water and snorkelling around. We did not lose any words and grab our snorkelling gear and jumped in.

It was time to grab our bike and find the airfield for our pick up. We were kind in a hurry because we had no real clue where we were and where the airfield was. So we put the 5th gear in and drove like maniacs until we found our lovely airfield. Some minutes later we could already hear the noises of the Cessna. It was so exciting!!!

We were really lucky because our Pilot picked us up first so we had to fly first to the other island which was more in the south. So for us we had more air time. On that island our pilot offered us fresh bananas, mhhhh were they delicious.

Later that day we ate dinner at a really good restaurant where the price quality ratio was spot on! It was called Anthias Cafe and we ate there several times. Also the breakfast next morning there was great.

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Road trip on Palau

We are ready for our car trip around Palau!!! But still deep down in our feelings we were afraid about the strange insurance text for the rental, what if …..
We paid already so we have to go trough it. Yeah I know first world problems. The more you have the more you can lose. Nevermind lets roll. Inside the mustang first thing was to check the stereo and set up the playlist. Did that, done that, ready to rumble.
After trying out all gimmicks in the Mustang, of course even the roof has to be opened, a must! We were ready.
First we went to the south south south part but sadly there was nothing special. One thing I have to mention.
At this place there was a really really old building like a ruin.
Nice location for a good hostel/hotel maybe one day I have enough money for investing ;).

GPS re-checked, location and destination localized. Next destination was west coast (is the best coast).We drove a while and enjoyed the weather with good music. Until we reached the coast in the north west.
There we have seen a funny small island in the shape of an elephant.


Back in the car we headed to the waterfall in the north.

We got there, and it was a short hike down into the falls after we paid the entry fee of about 10$. It was so beautiful. You could also have the chance to zipline down the hill. Unfortunately there was nobody who did that.

We continued the hike down, and the way down was not really prepared for flip flop tourists but we did it and survived. A bunch of people kept slipping and sliding on the rocks down into the falls, so pelase watch out. Once we did make it (across a scary bridge!) …it was amazing. My mind was so blown. There were rocks to sit on underneath the water and we just hung out (of course, had a photo shoot), and got to lie in the sun. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

One the way up, back to the entry we had also a swim in the different pools which were created by the nature, was also amazing!!!
So far I did not tell anything about the funny jungle monorail, from the engineering point of you it was technically simple and just awesome. Raw mechanic a really though device.
The whole hike and the different place in that area was astonishing. A must visit on Palau!!!
Next destination was a small war canoe from old ages but unfortunately not that spectacular…. Right know during writing this blog I found out that instead the war canoe we could have visited the lighthouse in the north with an amazing sight but yeah it is how it is.

After the canoe, we drove what’s called the “Ring Road” on the way to the Palauan capitol. It was beautiful! They views of the tropical jungles and ocean were so amazing. The capitol was incredible, too.
The palace, how we called it, looked like Versailles.

After that location we drove to a friend of us, where we had to deliver some goods from Switzerland. Chocolate, Elmex, gummi bears and even more good stuff. At this point I want to thank J & C for the nice hospitality and the good banana milk shake and last but not least the organization of our next day on PELILU!!!

For dinner, Math persuaded me to try an Indian dish.
I forgot the name of the whole dish, but also Nam was included, ohhh that was sooo delicious. Thanks Math for the idea!!! Also that night we met our friend of our diving trip from fish n fins. This professional dive photographer had some amazing equipment and he also told us some breath-taking stories. AWESOME company. Big greetings to Hawaii!
At this point I am asking myself which new types of fish, flora and fauna he could add to his photo collection. I think I have to ask him!!!

After the dinner we enjoyed a small party at our hotel, with DJ M with his Oboem loudspeakers. Invited was a Korean girl, a Philippine guy (Mr.. T) and we both. Oh we had a crash!!!

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