Torino / Turin

After a long car trip from Zurich to Torino, we finally arrived at Torino at 22:00. I got my keys from my lovely nice AirBnb host Elisa. Back in the car my lovely Italian guide Gio brought us to a still open but delicious pizza place. We four ordered four different pizze and in the end everybody had a quarter of a different pizza. The restaurant was called pizzeria Gennaro Esposito. Soon after, we ended the evening with a good poretti sette luppoli at St. Martin Pub.

Next day woke up with a good Bialetti coffee (moka) on my private balcony. With my personal guide I discovered the old part of the city. The palace, the villa for the king’s guests and also the two churches next to Piazza San Carlo (free entry) are a must to see. After that small tour we were hungry and Gio showed me how you enjoy the lunch time in a proper Italian way. Beer and focaccia (***link***) for lunch and for dessert an espresso. Next stop the fountain with the two statues, which are the symbols for the Po and Dora.

That night it was time for an Italian apero, pay the drink -> food is for free -> all you can eat (Blanco Torino, Piazza Vittorio Veneto).  That night we needed a good base for our future plan. It was time to go out. Better said as a motto: to live like a student again. From our guide Gio we got highly secret intel about the life as a student in Torino. It is common that the students enjoy a good drink (good = strongest and hardest) at the highly confidential place called Les Arcades. Try out the Tamango (cherry flavour) or the Misterio (lemon/neutral), side note be prepared with a good base in your stomach!!! The heroes that tried out this drink were ready for another challenge: the absinth bar. Back on the street with small delays due to the crowning of King Simone and a fire on public street we arrived at the absinth bar. Unfortunately due to an agreement, the footage of the crowing are not made for the public eye.

But just for you I documented how my absinth drink was. For further explanation you have to look on the next picture. As far as I remember, two different absinth. One absinth was in the top glas (like a wine glas) and one was in the bottom one (whiskey glas). So then the barkeeper lit the green looking absinth on fire. Stired it around in the glas so the inside of the glas was fully covered by absinth. Destinguish the fire, poored the green stuff in the other glas and put the glas upside down. So the gas-alcohol was trapped inside, next step drink the mixture. Last step take a straw and inhale the gas from under the glas which is upside down……


The absinth location is called 21 Absinthe Café (next to the Piazza Vittorio Veneto).

For our last beer we went to the pubs right next to the Po. You can seat right next to the river enjoy the beer and the noises from the Po. At that specific location and at that specfic date and time a new memorial was born, the Big G Memorial also called Mr. Depression. Joke on you Big Giiiiiii.

Next morning after a kebab (it was already afternoon), Gio showed me a small little museum about the human body with genuine body parts. It is a little bit scary and not made for soft stomachs J.

Next stop top of the hill, we enjoyed the view from the nearby mountain/hill called Superga. There is also a nice looking Basilica there and in combination with the Monumento al Grande Torino a visit worth. (

Dinner time: Argentina beef steak at Volver (via Giovanni Botero), 500 gram pure awesome meat. Side dishes are not important there, the main character in that restaurant is that amazing meat!!!

Morning 3: prepared for a beach day at Finale Ligure by train it is 2h 40 minutes. A really nice beach. Let the footage speak for itself. For dinner we went to a sushi restaurant with all you can eat sushi soooooooooooooo awesome!!!

Last day we went to the Fiat Car Museum some nice looking cars there and the story behind them is really interesting. Nevertheless, after an hour or so I was bored and left my friends there (they were more fascinated by the cars then me J). Next destination was the tower above the cinema museum unfortunately the queue was too long so I decided to take again a delicious focaccia and a nap in the nearby park until my friend came back. And ice cream later and some good Italian food we packed everything properly and our way back started. Unfortunately at the Gotthard we got in a traffic jam, but with the Swiss number plate app the time flew by thanks to Flavio (Skoda with nice mountainbikes).

Arrividerci Italia

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