Graz 06-2017

Before my journey began I was thinking about to optimize the waiting time in Zurich before catching the nighttrain to Graz. Thankfully I thought about it again and told myself, life is too good for stress therefore I took an earlier connection from work to Zurich HB.
That day as the public transportation god knew there was a big mess around Zurich and some train to and from Zurich HB were canceled, thankfully I still got enough time to catch the nighttrain in time in Zurich HB. The ride was okay but, a flight would have been more comfortable, I was so happy as soon as I touched Austrian Gravel.

I took the tram number 3 until the stop I had to get out. Bracket open: I was on the way to Graz for visiting Leni the Austrian girl, who I have knew since Zwolle Netherlands, where we both experienced the Zwolle-Erasmus-Adventure. Bracket closed. Anyway Leni was so nice and organized everything so I had a smooth and comfortable arriving at her apartment. Leni was still at the university so in the mean time I could get my energy level recharged. Some hours later she arrived and even some hours later we finally were on the way to the Schlossberg (castle hill).

Before we reached the top we were distracted by a street food event, where I enjoyed a delicious espresso!!! Unfortunately there was no empty space in our stomachs due to the all you can eat buffet at the sushi restaurant…

The weather was nice and the view on the top of the hill was also astonishing. Even the climb down from the little hill was beautiful and relaxing. Thanks to the government of Graz that drinking water was so accessible in the city centre due to a vast amount of water fountain.

Next stop was level 5 (roof top bar) in the city centre, where we enjoyed the weather with refreshing drinks. We had “Gespritze Weisse” (white wine) with various flavours. One was with Almdudler, another with cucumber flavour, mango, maracuja, Holunder the list was even bigger but in the end we were not that thirsty for trying all the others. The walk and the drinks have left their marks on us; therefore we decided to go back to the flat for preparing ourselves for the upcoming night. Unfortunately the weather forced us to stay even longer at her flat. But with other drinks, good music and good conversations, even that small obstacle was no problem for us to overcome.

Back on the track we had a small visit at the Posaune, where we created our own pizza. In Graz there is this creation system for dinner and lunch available (it is called Baukasten System), with that system you can customize your own dish (pizza, pasta, Rösti etc…). As I already wrote with did that exactly and our pizza creation came to live.

Next location was the ppc, the pop culture nightclub, where we danced to 70s, 80s and 90s music. Unfortunately my favourite 90s song: I am blue dabedidabedei……. Was not played 😦 but it was still fun and the drinks had good quantity. At this point I have to mention that I made friends with the bouncer due to my red swiss “student” pass. Hahahaha :D.

After some oldies, Leni showed me another part of Graz, the Nachtexpress. Rock and metal music was dominating the air but also sweat was noticeable. The rock(ing)-people, as always, were really nice and interesting. That club is really a visit worth. The whole day and night was exhausting and we decided to catch a dream.

For breakfast we visited the restaurant/café Blendend. They offered a dream worthy breakfast buffet. From fresh cheese to Austrian ham to selfmade jam, even selfmade “Nutella” and last but not least freshly baked from the kitchen the amazing waffles, everything was there to feel guilty afterwards. Three kilograms later we decided to slow down the pace of the whole upcoming day. (Uns ging es nicht mehr Blendend…)

Around four o’clock in the afternoon we drove to Leni’s parents, with whom we attended an original Buschenschank (***click here***). Cold plate with organic meat, cheese and delicious bread in combination with a good Grauburgunder from that winery…. No comments simply worth to die. Even in the view and the landscape I could not find any flaws. The old inactive volcano with the fortress on top was the cherry on the cream. With a professional camera this could have been a breathtakingly postcard cover.

That night a student friend of Leni celebrated his birthday. With a full stomach we were prepared for a long party. The whole evening was Nicely organized and the host led well through the program and with the Italian theme the first part of the night was really entertaining. The alternated Giro di Italia was also amusing. Also the diversity of Austrian people (east, west and south) enhanced the discussions. Thanks guys!!! Gianna Gianna Giaana!

Next part played in the city centre in a night club, I roughly remember everything. For sure I know that this night covered everything from surprises until expectations. From sugar sweet to bitter lemon. One surprise was the registration before entering the club, really strange and I thought that I will enter soon a new country with high security measures at the border. Before I forget at this point I also want to thank Kevin for organizing the vodka bottle. Great headache 😀

While walking back to the flat the birds started to sing, which led to the conclusion that it was a good time to end. The next day was short and painful and not worth to mention :D.

Anyway it was Sunday and the nighttrain back to Zurich called, I entered the train with a big smile because Claire and Francis Underwood waited for me in the train.


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