Preparation for the Grand Path 2017


This was a really hard question for me. What to take with me and what to leave at home.

Anyway I think I decided to travel more luxurious. This means that I took more electronic stuff with me, which were/are not that light-weight, but I did not want to miss the opportunity to use them.

On my list:

Passport (and two copies in plastic laminated)
Card Games
Vaccination history
Photos (for visas)
Bussiness Cards for staying in contact
Note book (analog)
First aid kit (added some things to it)
like Disinfection liquid, clasp pins, additional plaster and ones for blisters

After sun, body cream (filled them in silicon bottles)

Tannacomp (for stomach and intestinal problems like diarrhea)
Iberogast (stomach pain etc.)
Malarone (malaria medicine)
Micropur (water disinfection due to long travel and desserted places)
Paracetamol (headache, dengue fever)
ASS (altitude illness, not good for dengue fever, source)
disinfection towels
Alka Seltzer
Fenistil (mosquito bite)
hair wax
small mirror
rope (drying laundry or repar something)
shaving foam
number locks (I took three with me)
head flash lamp (I bouht one with IPX8, 1 meter underwater for at least 1 minute)
mosquito protection liquid
brush and toothpaste
cotton sticks
multifunction tool (in my case I proudly present the Swiss Army Knife)
Glasses cover



Notebook (microsoft surface with good protection cover)
Headphone (the bose quitecomfort 25)
Cheap In-ear headphones
Plug Adapter
JBL Charge 3 (heavy but hopeyfully worth it)
Diving goggles and snorkel
Divers Log book
Language helper 😉
Beauty case with the tooth brush and the shampoo in it
Lucky charm (red chilli)



t-shirt: 5-6 (including tank tops)
1x light long trouser
flip flops
trekking shoes
light shoes
ultra light beach bag
bags for organizing stuff
microfibre sleeping bag
A4 and A5 plastic meshed bags


Did I forget something?
flight ticket
emergency numbers (family on paper)

This equipment I will test the next 365 days. That means in the future I will write a summary about my items!!!




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