Calm Sayulita

27.09.2017 – 01.10.217

After a 1 hour and 30 minutes trip we arrived in Sayulita where we headed to our hostel Redonda in the small centre of Sayulita. The hostal was pretty nice and relaxing first thing we did there, was to enjoy the free welcome beer.

The main beach was not that nice and also was kinda stinky… Anyway we had a nice walk around and enjoyed the different markets next to the beach.

Another day we walked to two different nicer beaches.
Playa los Muertos and Patzcuiarito

I used my favourite offline map app called to get there.


The beach (Patzcuiarito) was really amazing, remote and there was nobody so we enjoyed the clear water and the sun. Bring some sacks and beers with you. There is nothing around.

Friday night was party night. The whole hostal went to El palmar del Camaron, which is a nice beach bar with nice huts. Also that night there were some pyromaniacs doing their act, which were impressive.


My opinion: Sayulita is nice for 2-3 nights or when you really want to disconnect or work undistracted. You can also see that my blog does not content a lot of stories.


  • Spend some night in La Redonda Sayulita
  • Playa los Muertos
  • Patzcuiartio
  • El palmar del Camaron
  • Spend the day at the beach and enjoy the diversity of food and souvenirs

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