San Marcos la Laguna

24.01.2018 – 25.01.2018

On the 24th I took the boat from San Pedro to San Marco (10Q). When I arrived in San Marcos I went to Villa Tzankujil (100Q a private room) due to a recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately when I arrived the villa was fully booked but I have been lucky. Right next to it (left) there was Casa Azul which had some available rooms for 90Q. Booked!!!

My view:


It was time for lunch, but before I tell you where I ate, I have to describe the awesome breakfast I had in the morning. I had a brownie and pan de chocolate from Circles Café, was so amazing!!!!

Anyway for lunch I went to Comedor Konojel, a non profit project that sell amazing food. Menu costs around 30 Q and is pretty good. Even good for breakfast and dinner.

Later that day I went to the mirador and the “trampoline” where you can jump into the water. They are located in the natural reserve Cerro Tzankujil (15Q, open from 9 to 5). There is also a small hike around the hill and the view is breathtaking. Look at the photos!!!

Thanks Reini for the recommendations.

25th early in the morning (8 am in San Pedro) it was time to take the shuttle to Antigua and then to Guatemala City (125 Q).

It was already the last day in Guatemala, bye bye!!!




San Pedro la Laguna

22.01.2018 – 24.01.2018

I arrived at San Pedro early in the morning by boat (15Q from Santiago). My breakfast was pita bread with falafel at the falafel place (ad humus) for 20Q. The bread was awesome and gave me enough energy to walk to my hostel Zoola, where I slept one night. Zoola had a bar, private rooms, dorm and even a swimming pool. But my night there was strange because there were no other people in the dorm. For dinner I went to Shanti Shanti (near to Zoola) and again I ate falafel, sorry they were just really addictive. It was a calm day for me and used it for recharging my battery.

Next day I took all my energy and started to walk towards San Juan and then the feeling caught me and I walked to San Pablo until San Marcos, where I had my lunch (guess what? falafel). I ate lunch at moonfish and again it was pretty delicious. Relaxed in San Marcos until I took a boat back to San Pedro (10Q).

I could feel my legs and therefore back in San Pedro I went to Sublime. Sublime is a really nice bar / restaurant to hang next to the lake. I had an awesome banana smoothie with milk.


Later that day I arranged my shuttle back to Guatemala City (125Q from San Pedro via Antigua, left at 8 am).

I forgot to mention that I changed hostel (a friend recommended me Mr. Mullets). In that hostel I have met two travellers, whom I knew from Puerto Escondido (the world is small). We played some darts and yazzi. Thanks for the good time.

For dinner I went to a street stand to have some awesome chicken with tortillas, rise and vegetables. The street stand was located near the Spanish school ( It should be the last stand when you walk down the street from Mr. Mullets. 30Q was the whole menu, chignon!!!!

I loved San Pedro!

Next day I took a boat to San Marcos for 10Q.


More recommendations from Mr. Mullets:



Cuida de Mexico CDMX / Mexico City

25.08.2017 – 11.01.2018

I have so many good memories of Mexico City. To keep this writing simple and user friendly I will list all my recommendations and some personal notes for Mexico City.

Also thank you all my friends I have met and spent with them:

Lorena, Abbishek, Alfredo, Amarel, Ben, Carlos, Ed Mundo, Eduardo, Hannibal, Jenni, Kevin, Lex, Marc, Maria, Monique, Pam, Pepe, Ronald, Rubi, Sean and all the others I forget during partying!!!

Restaurants, food and drinks:

  • Take a wok
  • All taco stands around the city
  • Taco Greco (try pan arabe with the special meet, or the volcano or the arrachera)
  • Pasta Place Flora
    • Delicious pasta and really good wine!!!
    • Sean and Marc can you remember our first earthquake at around 24:00, it was bonding, holy shit
  • Molcajete at Cantina La Valenciana
  • Taqueria Osama
  • La Coyoacana
  • Sushi Roll, some days 2 for 1
    • Crazy sisters of Zaida, was fun to get you known
    • Ask google maps, it is a sushi chain
    • cdmx_036
  • Mercado Roma, food and drink (Barra 57, try the ponche de lobos)
  • Pulque, Pulqueria Insurgentes, fermented agave
    • If you are in Mexico at least you have to try once the famous drink, Pulque is originally without any flavour but for weak people, like the tourists and me, they add some flavour to the drink. Give it a try. Ask for some tester you can try any flavour you want.
    • We did it Marc, we drank 1 liter!!!
    • cdmx_046
  • Helado obscuro
    • Ice cream with alcohol, awesome combination
  • Try chile de nogada (seasonal, really heavy)
    • cdmx_047
  • Eat grasshopper with limon
    • Pepe, that was an awesome Oaxaca night. And I still cannot believe that the marimba player can handle four sticks….
    • cdmx_060

What to do

  • Xochimilco
    • Recommended with groups, if you go alone it could be really boring. You should go with some friends at least four. As I remember we paid 900 pesos for 3 hours (my Mexican friends were a big help). If you have a Mexican in your group she/he should do the haggling. I recommend also, rent your own boat, if you take the tourist tour could be boring and there is no real party going on.
    • If you are really good with haggling you can get 4 hours fewer than 1000 pesos, challenge accepted!!!
    • Pachona and all the others, it was big fun. Let’s do it again!!! Thanks for the invitation!
  • Zocalo, main plaza
    • Enjoy the awesome buildings around the place
  • El Castillo de Chapultepec
  • Pyramids Teotihuacán
    • I booked a tour over trip adviser 48 usd:
    • I think you can have it way cheaper, some I have met went there by metro and then took another public bus to the north and in the end they paid a fraction of the 48 USD, but for sure with the tour you have all the service and even there is tequila tasting included, do you math and watch your budget 😀
  • Round pyramid Cuicuilco
  • Museo nacional de antropologia
  • Spanish school (lengua y cultura)
    • Kevin, Marc, Sean, Marlene, the other Serbian? Girl (el Modelo?) and of course all the others, it was fun learning and studying Spanish with you!!!
    • cdmx_038
  • Ripley’s Believe it or not
    • Was okay but not a must, on rainy day you can spend there some hours
    • cdmx_004
  • Free Salsa Lesson at Pata Negro every Wednesday
    • Pata Negro is also really good to go out at weekends, sometimes there is live music to dance to
  • Bellas Artes
  • Visit Plaza de las Tres Culturas
  • Enjoy the view from Monumento de la Revolución
  • Have a walk in Coyoacan
  • Mercado de Jamaica
  • Try to play marimba (Thanks pepe for that awesome night and for all you recommendations)
  • No recommendation: experience one or two earthquakes in CDMX
    • That was a crazy time. The first earthquake is felt in CDMX was around midnight and Sean, Marc and I were out eating pasta. We just left the restaurant when the earthquake started. My every first earthquake was kind of interesting and amazing because I have never experienced one. But soon the fascination and amazement changed.
    • The second one literally scared the shit out of me, and I could feel that my body was still under shock three or four days later, fortunately on the fifth day I left CDMX and my body could regenerate and relax better. The whole city was big chaos. A lot of buildings were damaged or even felt down. We tried to help where we could. We transported big rocks from the fallen building to a place where big trucks and jeeps could reach. Big human queues were made to make the transportation of the stones more efficient.
    • Also that day I saw a big ass fireball, could feel the heat. I stayed around 30 to 40 meters away from the explosion centre, goose bump time!!!
    • Another thing which I also will never forget is that some government officials posted or told wrong information, like building X is damaged in street Y, they need help but in the end there was nothing. The reason behind was, as a Mexican told me, that the officials could send a truck full of medicine to that place but of course the truck never reached that destination and was leaded to somewhere else… no comment
  • Cinema platino
  • Bull Dog Café (club)
    • Mostly rock is played in that club, cover can be expensive, 500 MXN
    • Jime thanks for that amazing night! Great act and awesome vibe. If I have another chance I will attend again
    • LLA thanks for the invitation
  • Janise Night club (expensive)
    • Another night club
  • Enjoy a Mexican private party (muak muak LLA)
  • Enjoy the independence day at Zocalo
    • Thanks to all the people I met that day/night
    • Especially Hugo for the awesome hospitality
  • Visit a Mexican fruit and vegetable market
  • Six Flags CDMX
    • I was soooo disappointed, for me it was a waste of time

Where to stay

  • Hostal Gael Condesa, quite expensive for what you get
  • Hostel Condesa Chapultepec, really cheap but everything is old
  • Suites DF Hostel, one of the better hostels would stay again
  • Mostly I used AirBnb due to the fact that an AirBnb cost the same than a hostel

Cook some mulled wine for mexicans:


Some additional impression from CDMX:


There is of course more to do, I list here more things you can do but which I didn’t do yet but will do when I go back to CDMX.


Awesome page for more deals and good events is

Santiago la Laguna

20.01.2018 – 22.01.2018

After a short boat ride from Panajachel to Santiago and 30Q I arrived at the docks of Santiago.

Spend here one night two nights at most. There is not a lot to do. I had still a lot of writing to do and therefore I stayed an additional night in Santiago. The private room at Santiaguito (Hostelworld) is okay and for 60Q perfect for me to do my writing.

I met Reini, super guy from Austria. We spent the day together and explored the town.

We went to Parque Xechivoy for sun bathing and you could even take a bath there, some nice docks to jump from.


Enjoy also the many markets around the lake. Buy some Guatemalan hoddie for around 50Q. Eat a cheap and good breakfast around parquet central.

For dinner I went twice to Quila’s (quesadillas or good paninis). For breakfast I found a cool Panini shop at the main street 14.



  • Quila’s for cheaper dinner or good banana milk shake
  • Parque Xechivoy for relaxing and a bath
  • Markets for some souvenirs or Guatemalan hoodies or clothes

Guatemala City

11.01.2018 – 13.01.2018

After a short flight from cuidad de mexico I arrived in Guatemala city. The taxi from the airport was waaaay too much as far as I remember 120Q. So my recommendation is to buy for the same amount of money a SIM card and use Uber (would have cost 60Q). I was staying in Tequila Sunrise the beds were okay (8 bed room). But there were just 8 lockers for the whole hostal so I had to store my most important belongings in the safe of the hostal. But the breakfast was included (pancakes with fruits and maple syrup) and the cost of 7.5$ was fair.

I had a full day for seeing the city there were not many things to do. So two nights were enough to see the “whole” city.

The night I arrived I met with Kevin and Lex and we went out to 1001 noches for dinner and a 3 liters dispenser (100Q). I ate a pizza on a stone which was quite good but a little small for my appetite. The 1001 noches is kind of a mall with different food stands and also different bars. From pizza to Guatemalan to dessert you can have everything there. When you enter you have to “buy” a card and top it up with some quetzales. With that card you can pay everywhere but keep in mind the rest on the card cannot be returned so you have to use it.

The next day we walked around the city centre, palace and other important buildings. The local Mercado Central nearby was also interesting but after 15 minutes you have seen it.

For food I recommend following:

La Esquina: awesome place different offers and nice swinging chairs
Sabe rico: organic restaurant
Santo Pan: awesome food (Kevin)
Gas brothers: sushi place (Kevin liked the sushi, for me it was mediocre)

That was everything from Guatemala City.


  • 1001 Noches for dinner and beer or even fancy gin cocktails
  • La Esquina: awesome place different offers and nice swinging chairs
  • Sabe rico: organic restaurant
  • Santo Pan: awesome food (Kevin)
  • Palace and big square
  • Mercado Central
  • Get a SIM card and use Uber for saving money and for safety reason
  • Leave the city as quick as possible

Panajachel | Santa Cruz

16.01.2018 – 20.01.2018

I was really lucky. My friends Kevin and Lexa left also the same day for Panajachel. The good thing was that they are travelling by car so they gave me a lift to Panajachel. The view from the steep street from Solola to Panajachel was amazing. Arrived in Panajachel we had to pay 10Q fee for entering Pana. First night in Pana was not that spectacular.

Next day we went to the Reserva Natural Atitlán (2.5 km from the centre to the west). It was amazing. The price of 70Q was worth it. The have a butterfly house, a nice walk to the lake with some “self-made” looking bridges.

The monkey and the coatis were funny to feed. One banana cost 1Q for feeding them. Also do not forget to walk to the waterfall. It was a lovely day there and for sure worth it to go when you are staying in Pana.

Also the same day we needed to find out when the first ferry to Santa Cruz leaves. So we walked to the ferry station in the west. And we found out that the first leaves around 6:30 am and every ca. 20 min others and the cost 15Q (one way).

That night we ate at Pupuseria Cheros, the served awesome cheap pupusas (from Salvador). They were really delicious. Also the have a nice deal for beer!

Diving Day in Santa Cruz

On Friday we woke up early to catch an early boat to Santa Cruz for our high altitude diving course. Took a boat around 7:00 am to Santa Cruz, where our course started around 8:00. The two dives were not that spectacular but the skills and theory I learnt were interesting. Highlights of the dives: there were some hot spots in the lake where the volcano warms up the water; you can even cook an egg there. The hotel which is partially underwater is also really nice to see and do not forget to look for the crabs in the lake that are hunting some fishes. Get some impression on my youtube channel.

The dive with was 100$ (70 for the dives and 30 for the certificate) including all gear and there would have been even one night for free in the dormitory included.

In the evening I went to the market in Pana (main street) to buy a leather belt and some post cards. Haggling and bargain hard!

Next day I was ready to leave and went to the ferry station to take an early boat to Panajachel. Watch out, ask where the ferry will leave, there are two ferry stations. Don’t make the same mistake and walk with all bags to the wrong station.

The boat trip was 25Q + 5 Q (due to many bags…) and the duration was around 30 minutes. So around 9:00 am I arrived in Santiago.


  • If you want to dive:, the spots in the lake are not that spectacular but I did it because was my first lake dive and high altitude dive
  • Reserva Natural Atitlán, butterflies, monkey and cuaties (70Q)
  • Boat to Santa Cruz (15Q), first around 6:30 am and last around 16:30
  • Boat to Santiago 25Q – 30Q
  • Pupuseria Cheros, eat some pupusas



13.01.2018 – 16.01.2018

Arrived in Antigua after a long ride due to traffic jam in Guatemala City, I checked in in Hostal Matox. The private shuttle from my hostel ind Guatemala City to my new hostal was 80Q.

Matox, an awesome hotel everything what a traveler needs. Good beds, stable wifi, books for reading, big kitchen and even a whirlpool!!! They even had bike for free rent! Unfortunately I had to change hostel because I just booked one night and the hostel was full for the other days. So therefore I change to three monkey also a great hostel, just the whirlpool was missing. 🙂

Anyway during my stay I visited the different sites. Different churches, Chocolate museum, central park and the best was the mirador de la cruz. Next destination Panajachel.

Highlights and Recommendations:

  • Mirador del Cerro de la Cruz (go there between 8:00 and 15:00, tourist police is there for security)
  • Eat at the farm Caoba (see the picture, Pizza)
  • for a good salad go to Luna del Miel
  • Central park
  • Chocolate museum (there are two)
  • Santo Domingo
  • Fridas, mexican restaurant, monday and thursday 2×1 cocktail
  • Or even a volcano hike


Flight Statistics 2017


Short trips:

ZRH <-> Hamburg = 2 x 695.26 = 1’390.52 km, 142.81 CHF

ZRH -> Copenhagen -> Munich -> ZRH = 954 + 841 + 243 = 2’038 km, 210.45 CHF

Spent Sub = CHF 353.26.-
Subtotal = 3’428.52 km
Subtotal = 2’130.39 miles


Long Trips:

ZRH <-> Frankfurt = 2 x 295 = 590 km, 58.90 CHF

Frankfurt <-> Seoul = 2 x 8549.27 = 17’098.54 km
Seoul <-> Saipan = 2 x 3100.03 = 6’200.06 km
Total 23’298.6 km, 549.72 CHF

Saipan <-> Guam = 2 x 218.60 = 437.20 km, 292.50 CHF

Spent Sub = CHF 901.12.-
Subtotal = 24’325.80 km
Subtotal = 15’115.39 miles

The Grand Path 2017

ZRH -> Moscow -> Havana = 2’195.2 km + 9’588.8 km = 11’784 km, 422.45 CHF

Havana -> Mexico = 1’182.52 km, 210 CHF

Mexico -> Puerto Vallarta, 651.26 km, 63.46 CHF

Mexico -> Monterrey, 701.17 km, 57.23 CHF

Mexico <-> Cancun, 2 x 1’291.61 km = 2’583.22 km, 129.13 CHF

Mexico <-> Oaxaca, 2 x 383.76 km = 767.52 km, 113.73 CHF

Nuevo Laredo -> Mexico -> Guatemala
Panama City -> Mexico, total = 4’363.62 km, 150 CHF

The Grandpath 2017 Spent = CHF 1’146.00.-
Subtotal = 22’633.31 km
Subtotal = 14’063.72 miles


Total Spent = CHF 2’400.38.-
Total km 2017 = 50’387.63 km
Total miles 2017 = 31’309.50 miles

Average per mile = 0.077 CHF/mile



Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido

27.12.2017 – 09.01.2018

I arrived at the airport of Oaxaca and took a taxi (1 km away from the airport) to my hostel. It was 120 pesos (no Uber in Oaxaca). Of course I could have taken a colectivo for 80 pesos but there were like 50 people waiting for a ticket and I was really tired. I stayed at the hostal central was good for the time there and the owner is really gentle.

Some days later I took the over night bus (ADO 450 pesos) to Puerto Escondido (23:00 – 09:00)

I enjoyed many days in Puerto Escondido, even during the New Year was staying in Puerto Escondido. I slept in the Hostal Shalom, really awesome, there was a swimming pool, enough place to relax, and even hammocks. Hey Martin, let me know how the bbq looks like and if the pizza oven works!!! The people at Hostal Shalom were relaxed and cool. Thanks Lalo, the chilangos, Michele y Leonardo for the great time!


And of course tahnk you Martin for the bbq discussion and your awesome big ass fucking meat on my last day!!!

In Puerto Escondido I had my favourite places in PE:

  • Pizzaria Mediterraneo
  • Playa Carrizalillo
  • Hostal Shalom
  • El Sultan for the shawarma and kebab
  • Cafecito (scrambled egg with bacon or vegetarian omelette)

From Cafecito I have mixed feelings. When I first wanted to eat there, there were like 40 people waiting to get seated. So I thought this must be good. So the next day I went really early for my breakfast. Unfortunately the French toast and the chocolate bread were let’s say 5 out of 10. Next day I gave it another go and ordered a vegetarian omelette, which was 8/10, with a banana milk, hhhhmmmm delicious.

After many nights in Puerto Escondido I wanted to go to Mazunte but there were no hostels available, therefore I stayed longer in Puerto Escondido and around the 7th January I took a bus back to Oaxaca (Sur 250 pesos, no toilet).

Back in Oaxaca I missed the opportunity to visit the ruins, I had to finish some private things and I found out the last collective leaves around 13:00 to the ruins and you need around 2-3h at the ruins. I finished my things around 14:30, hahaha.

I also could have visited the waterfalls but I have seen so many waterfalls on my journey I decided to relax and learn something new with Youtube.




  • El Sultan for kebab or shawarma
  • Pizzaria Mediterraneo
  • Playa Carrizalillo
  • Hostal Shalom
  • Cafecito for egg or omelettes or the banana milk
  • Playa Zicatela was not that nice but the bar in the night were awesome




Quintana Roo 2

13.12.2017 – 20.12.2017

Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Akumal, Tulum, Xcaret, Bacalar, Chetumal and Cancun

Our first stop was in Puerto Morelos, amazing lovely city/village!!! You could make some snorkel trips there for around 350 pesos / 20 dollars (see image). Awesome view and the beach is just breath-taking…

After some sun we went to our accommodation in Playa del Carmen, where we enjoyed the night life. Try out an Ice Cream at Amorino (Calle Quinta). We met the Swiss gang again and we went to different bars right next to the beach. For the finishing we went to a club called Abolengo bartina (no cover) where we enjoyed the night with Vodka!

After a hard night, it was the day of Cozumel. The ferry was 135 pesos each way, check the internet for the schedule so you can optimize the time on the island. On the island we rented a scooter for about 20 dollar a day. For us it was a quick visit on the island. But I heard snorkeling or diving is beautiful there. Next time on the island I will have a look on that!!!

Days were running by and before we arrived in Tulum, we stopped quickly in Akumal. In Akumal we attend a snorkeling tour where we saw big turtles, rays and other fishes.

After a small siesta we headed to Tulum, where I ate one of the best fish in my life (EL Camello)!!! At night we accidentally crashed a wedding… hahaha congratulations to the lucky ones and enjoyed a Caguama (big bottle of beer) in a funny bar.

Xcaret Park, it was time!!! Xcaret Park is a privately owned and operated theme park, resort and self-described ecotourism development located in the Riviera Maya, a portion of the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s state of Quintana Roo. Despite the heavy rain in the morning the day was awesome. With the rise of the sun and the different activities (river and secret cave attraction!!!) the day was awesome!!!!!

A must is the show in the evening from 19:00 to 21:00. They show the diverse culture from Mexico and even play ancient football and fire hockey. It was really entertaining to watch!!! I have to go again to Xcaret, next time without heavy rain.



Before we left Tulum we had a look at the ruins and we also went to the playa! After a short swim we headed to Bacalar.


What can I write about Bacalar? Hm, lovely quite village, good for relaxing, no night life at all, perfect to recharge your battery. My recommendations in Bacalar are following:

  • Pizzeria Bertilla add some artisanal beer (like the calavera)
  • Sailing trip on the lagoon (reservation Casa Lahar)
  • Canal de los Pirates
  • Isla de los Pajaros
  • Cenote Negro
  • Eat Marquesitas with nutella
  • Eat in El manati for breakfast

We still had some time, so we went quickly to Chetumal. Cannot write anything about the city, nothing really special, but yeah we were there.

It was already time to go back to Cancun. For entertainment during night time we went to the hotel zone in Cancun. For drinks and a good view go to Chuchito Pérez, that night when we were there, was special deal: 2 for 1 per person, amazing. Yes you can imagine two big fancy cocktails per person. After that, we wanted to enter some clubs, one was really special and also had no cover but we left after 10 seconds due to the crazy girls inside. The other clubs were empty or expensive and empty. Therefore around 1 or 2 am we called it a day and went back to our accommodation.

The rest of the time we spent at the beach (Playa Delfines). There is free parking and the beach is amazing!!! For breakfast we went to la Organica, look at the food, delicious!!!

It was time to give my Ferrari back, pack our stuff and take the plane back to CDMX.


  • Puerto Morelos next time I will spend a night there
  • Ice Cream at Amorino (Playa del Carmen)
  • Enjoy a cocktail at Abolengo bartina (Playa del Carmen)
  • Cozumel, rent a scooter, dive or snorkel
  • Xcaret (safe the braclet for the tower in Cancun)
  • Tulum ruins and the beach
  • El Camello (Tulum) try the fried fish or ceviche (really big)
  • Bacalar
    • Marquesitas
    • Pizzeria Bertilla
    • El manati
    • Sailing trip in the lagoon (reservation Casa Lahar)
  • Chuchito Pérez (Cancun)
  • Playa Delfines
  • Eat at la Organica