Habana II 20.8 – 24.8

Habana, last days!!!

The last days in Habana I spent for enjoying the night out and for relaxing!!! The night out I spent with Baldo, Freddy and Carla. We went to different locations. One was the king bar which was pretty awesome but a beer for 2.5 was quite expensive. Hahaha. Also I went to a couchsurfing event the last Saturday where we had nice conversations and good laughs. One of the last evening I went to the Castillo on the other “side of the sea”. The entry was 8 CUC and the taxi 4 cuc for each ride. The ceremony was awesome around 19:00 (or 20:00) the people there shot the canon and also a small company of military people do their show!!! I went another time to la fabrica de la Cuban arte!!!


I also had a very good pizza. As far as I can remember the restaurant was located at Avenida de Belgica near street Brasil or Calle Lamparilla.

That is the very last part of Havana!!! 😉

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