Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido

27.12.2017 – 09.01.2018

I arrived at the airport of Oaxaca and took a taxi (1 km away from the airport) to my hostel. It was 120 pesos (no Uber in Oaxaca). Of course I could have taken a colectivo for 80 pesos but there were like 50 people waiting for a ticket and I was really tired. I stayed at the hostal central was good for the time there and the owner is really gentle.

Some days later I took the over night bus (ADO 450 pesos) to Puerto Escondido (23:00 – 09:00)

I enjoyed many days in Puerto Escondido, even during the New Year was staying in Puerto Escondido. I slept in the Hostal Shalom, really awesome, there was a swimming pool, enough place to relax, and even hammocks. Hey Martin, let me know how the bbq looks like and if the pizza oven works!!! The people at Hostal Shalom were relaxed and cool. Thanks Lalo, the chilangos, Michele y Leonardo for the great time!


And of course tahnk you Martin for the bbq discussion and your awesome big ass fucking meat on my last day!!!

In Puerto Escondido I had my favourite places in PE:

  • Pizzaria Mediterraneo
  • Playa Carrizalillo
  • Hostal Shalom
  • El Sultan for the shawarma and kebab
  • Cafecito (scrambled egg with bacon or vegetarian omelette)

From Cafecito I have mixed feelings. When I first wanted to eat there, there were like 40 people waiting to get seated. So I thought this must be good. So the next day I went really early for my breakfast. Unfortunately the French toast and the chocolate bread were let’s say 5 out of 10. Next day I gave it another go and ordered a vegetarian omelette, which was 8/10, with a banana milk, hhhhmmmm delicious.

After many nights in Puerto Escondido I wanted to go to Mazunte but there were no hostels available, therefore I stayed longer in Puerto Escondido and around the 7th January I took a bus back to Oaxaca (Sur 250 pesos, no toilet).

Back in Oaxaca I missed the opportunity to visit the ruins, I had to finish some private things and I found out the last collective leaves around 13:00 to the ruins and you need around 2-3h at the ruins. I finished my things around 14:30, hahaha.

I also could have visited the waterfalls but I have seen so many waterfalls on my journey I decided to relax and learn something new with Youtube.




  • El Sultan for kebab or shawarma
  • Pizzaria Mediterraneo
  • Playa Carrizalillo
  • Hostal Shalom
  • Cafecito for egg or omelettes or the banana milk
  • Playa Zicatela was not that nice but the bar in the night were awesome





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