Panajachel | Santa Cruz

16.01.2018 – 20.01.2018

I was really lucky. My friends Kevin and Lexa left also the same day for Panajachel. The good thing was that they are travelling by car so they gave me a lift to Panajachel. The view from the steep street from Solola to Panajachel was amazing. Arrived in Panajachel we had to pay 10Q fee for entering Pana. First night in Pana was not that spectacular.

Next day we went to the Reserva Natural Atitlán (2.5 km from the centre to the west). It was amazing. The price of 70Q was worth it. The have a butterfly house, a nice walk to the lake with some “self-made” looking bridges.

The monkey and the coatis were funny to feed. One banana cost 1Q for feeding them. Also do not forget to walk to the waterfall. It was a lovely day there and for sure worth it to go when you are staying in Pana.

Also the same day we needed to find out when the first ferry to Santa Cruz leaves. So we walked to the ferry station in the west. And we found out that the first leaves around 6:30 am and every ca. 20 min others and the cost 15Q (one way).

That night we ate at Pupuseria Cheros, the served awesome cheap pupusas (from Salvador). They were really delicious. Also the have a nice deal for beer!

Diving Day in Santa Cruz

On Friday we woke up early to catch an early boat to Santa Cruz for our high altitude diving course. Took a boat around 7:00 am to Santa Cruz, where our course started around 8:00. The two dives were not that spectacular but the skills and theory I learnt were interesting. Highlights of the dives: there were some hot spots in the lake where the volcano warms up the water; you can even cook an egg there. The hotel which is partially underwater is also really nice to see and do not forget to look for the crabs in the lake that are hunting some fishes. Get some impression on my youtube channel.

The dive with was 100$ (70 for the dives and 30 for the certificate) including all gear and there would have been even one night for free in the dormitory included.

In the evening I went to the market in Pana (main street) to buy a leather belt and some post cards. Haggling and bargain hard!

Next day I was ready to leave and went to the ferry station to take an early boat to Panajachel. Watch out, ask where the ferry will leave, there are two ferry stations. Don’t make the same mistake and walk with all bags to the wrong station.

The boat trip was 25Q + 5 Q (due to many bags…) and the duration was around 30 minutes. So around 9:00 am I arrived in Santiago.


  • If you want to dive:, the spots in the lake are not that spectacular but I did it because was my first lake dive and high altitude dive
  • Reserva Natural Atitlán, butterflies, monkey and cuaties (70Q)
  • Boat to Santa Cruz (15Q), first around 6:30 am and last around 16:30
  • Boat to Santiago 25Q – 30Q
  • Pupuseria Cheros, eat some pupusas



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