Santiago la Laguna

20.01.2018 – 22.01.2018

After a short boat ride from Panajachel to Santiago and 30Q I arrived at the docks of Santiago.

Spend here one night two nights at most. There is not a lot to do. I had still a lot of writing to do and therefore I stayed an additional night in Santiago. The private room at Santiaguito (Hostelworld) is okay and for 60Q perfect for me to do my writing.

I met Reini, super guy from Austria. We spent the day together and explored the town.

We went to Parque Xechivoy for sun bathing and you could even take a bath there, some nice docks to jump from.


Enjoy also the many markets around the lake. Buy some Guatemalan hoddie for around 50Q. Eat a cheap and good breakfast around parquet central.

For dinner I went twice to Quila’s (quesadillas or good paninis). For breakfast I found a cool Panini shop at the main street 14.



  • Quila’s for cheaper dinner or good banana milk shake
  • Parque Xechivoy for relaxing and a bath
  • Markets for some souvenirs or Guatemalan hoodies or clothes

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