Cuida de Mexico CDMX / Mexico City

25.08.2017 – 11.01.2018

I have so many good memories of Mexico City. To keep this writing simple and user friendly I will list all my recommendations and some personal notes for Mexico City.

Also thank you all my friends I have met and spent with them:

Lorena, Abbishek, Alfredo, Amarel, Ben, Carlos, Ed Mundo, Eduardo, Hannibal, Jenni, Kevin, Lex, Marc, Maria, Monique, Pam, Pepe, Ronald, Rubi, Sean and all the others I forget during partying!!!

Restaurants, food and drinks:

  • Take a wok
  • All taco stands around the city
  • Taco Greco (try pan arabe with the special meet, or the volcano or the arrachera)
  • Pasta Place Flora
    • Delicious pasta and really good wine!!!
    • Sean and Marc can you remember our first earthquake at around 24:00, it was bonding, holy shit
  • Molcajete at Cantina La Valenciana
  • Taqueria Osama
  • La Coyoacana
  • Sushi Roll, some days 2 for 1
    • Crazy sisters of Zaida, was fun to get you known
    • Ask google maps, it is a sushi chain
    • cdmx_036
  • Mercado Roma, food and drink (Barra 57, try the ponche de lobos)
  • Pulque, Pulqueria Insurgentes, fermented agave
    • If you are in Mexico at least you have to try once the famous drink, Pulque is originally without any flavour but for weak people, like the tourists and me, they add some flavour to the drink. Give it a try. Ask for some tester you can try any flavour you want.
    • We did it Marc, we drank 1 liter!!!
    • cdmx_046
  • Helado obscuro
    • Ice cream with alcohol, awesome combination
  • Try chile de nogada (seasonal, really heavy)
    • cdmx_047
  • Eat grasshopper with limon
    • Pepe, that was an awesome Oaxaca night. And I still cannot believe that the marimba player can handle four sticks….
    • cdmx_060

What to do

  • Xochimilco
    • Recommended with groups, if you go alone it could be really boring. You should go with some friends at least four. As I remember we paid 900 pesos for 3 hours (my Mexican friends were a big help). If you have a Mexican in your group she/he should do the haggling. I recommend also, rent your own boat, if you take the tourist tour could be boring and there is no real party going on.
    • If you are really good with haggling you can get 4 hours fewer than 1000 pesos, challenge accepted!!!
    • Pachona and all the others, it was big fun. Let’s do it again!!! Thanks for the invitation!
  • Zocalo, main plaza
    • Enjoy the awesome buildings around the place
  • El Castillo de Chapultepec
  • Pyramids Teotihuacán
    • I booked a tour over trip adviser 48 usd:
    • I think you can have it way cheaper, some I have met went there by metro and then took another public bus to the north and in the end they paid a fraction of the 48 USD, but for sure with the tour you have all the service and even there is tequila tasting included, do you math and watch your budget 😀
  • Round pyramid Cuicuilco
  • Museo nacional de antropologia
  • Spanish school (lengua y cultura)
    • Kevin, Marc, Sean, Marlene, the other Serbian? Girl (el Modelo?) and of course all the others, it was fun learning and studying Spanish with you!!!
    • cdmx_038
  • Ripley’s Believe it or not
    • Was okay but not a must, on rainy day you can spend there some hours
    • cdmx_004
  • Free Salsa Lesson at Pata Negro every Wednesday
    • Pata Negro is also really good to go out at weekends, sometimes there is live music to dance to
  • Bellas Artes
  • Visit Plaza de las Tres Culturas
  • Enjoy the view from Monumento de la Revolución
  • Have a walk in Coyoacan
  • Mercado de Jamaica
  • Try to play marimba (Thanks pepe for that awesome night and for all you recommendations)
  • No recommendation: experience one or two earthquakes in CDMX
    • That was a crazy time. The first earthquake is felt in CDMX was around midnight and Sean, Marc and I were out eating pasta. We just left the restaurant when the earthquake started. My every first earthquake was kind of interesting and amazing because I have never experienced one. But soon the fascination and amazement changed.
    • The second one literally scared the shit out of me, and I could feel that my body was still under shock three or four days later, fortunately on the fifth day I left CDMX and my body could regenerate and relax better. The whole city was big chaos. A lot of buildings were damaged or even felt down. We tried to help where we could. We transported big rocks from the fallen building to a place where big trucks and jeeps could reach. Big human queues were made to make the transportation of the stones more efficient.
    • Also that day I saw a big ass fireball, could feel the heat. I stayed around 30 to 40 meters away from the explosion centre, goose bump time!!!
    • Another thing which I also will never forget is that some government officials posted or told wrong information, like building X is damaged in street Y, they need help but in the end there was nothing. The reason behind was, as a Mexican told me, that the officials could send a truck full of medicine to that place but of course the truck never reached that destination and was leaded to somewhere else… no comment
  • Cinema platino
  • Bull Dog Café (club)
    • Mostly rock is played in that club, cover can be expensive, 500 MXN
    • Jime thanks for that amazing night! Great act and awesome vibe. If I have another chance I will attend again
    • LLA thanks for the invitation
  • Janise Night club (expensive)
    • Another night club
  • Enjoy a Mexican private party (muak muak LLA)
  • Enjoy the independence day at Zocalo
    • Thanks to all the people I met that day/night
    • Especially Hugo for the awesome hospitality
  • Visit a Mexican fruit and vegetable market
  • Six Flags CDMX
    • I was soooo disappointed, for me it was a waste of time

Where to stay

  • Hostal Gael Condesa, quite expensive for what you get
  • Hostel Condesa Chapultepec, really cheap but everything is old
  • Suites DF Hostel, one of the better hostels would stay again
  • Mostly I used AirBnb due to the fact that an AirBnb cost the same than a hostel

Cook some mulled wine for mexicans:


Some additional impression from CDMX:


There is of course more to do, I list here more things you can do but which I didn’t do yet but will do when I go back to CDMX.


Awesome page for more deals and good events is


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