Graz 06-2017

Before my journey began I was thinking about to optimize the waiting time in Zurich before catching the nighttrain to Graz. Thankfully I thought about it again and told myself, life is too good for stress therefore I took an earlier connection from work to Zurich HB.
That day as the public transportation god knew there was a big mess around Zurich and some train to and from Zurich HB were canceled, thankfully I still got enough time to catch the nighttrain in time in Zurich HB. The ride was okay but, a flight would have been more comfortable, I was so happy as soon as I touched Austrian Gravel.

I took the tram number 3 until the stop I had to get out. Bracket open: I was on the way to Graz for visiting Leni the Austrian girl, who I have knew since Zwolle Netherlands, where we both experienced the Zwolle-Erasmus-Adventure. Bracket closed. Anyway Leni was so nice and organized everything so I had a smooth and comfortable arriving at her apartment. Leni was still at the university so in the mean time I could get my energy level recharged. Some hours later she arrived and even some hours later we finally were on the way to the Schlossberg (castle hill).

Before we reached the top we were distracted by a street food event, where I enjoyed a delicious espresso!!! Unfortunately there was no empty space in our stomachs due to the all you can eat buffet at the sushi restaurant…

The weather was nice and the view on the top of the hill was also astonishing. Even the climb down from the little hill was beautiful and relaxing. Thanks to the government of Graz that drinking water was so accessible in the city centre due to a vast amount of water fountain.

Next stop was level 5 (roof top bar) in the city centre, where we enjoyed the weather with refreshing drinks. We had “Gespritze Weisse” (white wine) with various flavours. One was with Almdudler, another with cucumber flavour, mango, maracuja, Holunder the list was even bigger but in the end we were not that thirsty for trying all the others. The walk and the drinks have left their marks on us; therefore we decided to go back to the flat for preparing ourselves for the upcoming night. Unfortunately the weather forced us to stay even longer at her flat. But with other drinks, good music and good conversations, even that small obstacle was no problem for us to overcome.

Back on the track we had a small visit at the Posaune, where we created our own pizza. In Graz there is this creation system for dinner and lunch available (it is called Baukasten System), with that system you can customize your own dish (pizza, pasta, Rösti etc…). As I already wrote with did that exactly and our pizza creation came to live.

Next location was the ppc, the pop culture nightclub, where we danced to 70s, 80s and 90s music. Unfortunately my favourite 90s song: I am blue dabedidabedei……. Was not played 😦 but it was still fun and the drinks had good quantity. At this point I have to mention that I made friends with the bouncer due to my red swiss “student” pass. Hahahaha :D.

After some oldies, Leni showed me another part of Graz, the Nachtexpress. Rock and metal music was dominating the air but also sweat was noticeable. The rock(ing)-people, as always, were really nice and interesting. That club is really a visit worth. The whole day and night was exhausting and we decided to catch a dream.

For breakfast we visited the restaurant/café Blendend. They offered a dream worthy breakfast buffet. From fresh cheese to Austrian ham to selfmade jam, even selfmade “Nutella” and last but not least freshly baked from the kitchen the amazing waffles, everything was there to feel guilty afterwards. Three kilograms later we decided to slow down the pace of the whole upcoming day. (Uns ging es nicht mehr Blendend…)

Around four o’clock in the afternoon we drove to Leni’s parents, with whom we attended an original Buschenschank (***click here***). Cold plate with organic meat, cheese and delicious bread in combination with a good Grauburgunder from that winery…. No comments simply worth to die. Even in the view and the landscape I could not find any flaws. The old inactive volcano with the fortress on top was the cherry on the cream. With a professional camera this could have been a breathtakingly postcard cover.

That night a student friend of Leni celebrated his birthday. With a full stomach we were prepared for a long party. The whole evening was Nicely organized and the host led well through the program and with the Italian theme the first part of the night was really entertaining. The alternated Giro di Italia was also amusing. Also the diversity of Austrian people (east, west and south) enhanced the discussions. Thanks guys!!! Gianna Gianna Giaana!

Next part played in the city centre in a night club, I roughly remember everything. For sure I know that this night covered everything from surprises until expectations. From sugar sweet to bitter lemon. One surprise was the registration before entering the club, really strange and I thought that I will enter soon a new country with high security measures at the border. Before I forget at this point I also want to thank Kevin for organizing the vodka bottle. Great headache 😀

While walking back to the flat the birds started to sing, which led to the conclusion that it was a good time to end. The next day was short and painful and not worth to mention :D.

Anyway it was Sunday and the nighttrain back to Zurich called, I entered the train with a big smile because Claire and Francis Underwood waited for me in the train.


Torino / Turin

After a long car trip from Zurich to Torino, we finally arrived at Torino at 22:00. I got my keys from my lovely nice AirBnb host Elisa. Back in the car my lovely Italian guide Gio brought us to a still open but delicious pizza place. We four ordered four different pizze and in the end everybody had a quarter of a different pizza. The restaurant was called pizzeria Gennaro Esposito. Soon after, we ended the evening with a good poretti sette luppoli at St. Martin Pub.

Next day woke up with a good Bialetti coffee (moka) on my private balcony. With my personal guide I discovered the old part of the city. The palace, the villa for the king’s guests and also the two churches next to Piazza San Carlo (free entry) are a must to see. After that small tour we were hungry and Gio showed me how you enjoy the lunch time in a proper Italian way. Beer and focaccia (***link***) for lunch and for dessert an espresso. Next stop the fountain with the two statues, which are the symbols for the Po and Dora.

That night it was time for an Italian apero, pay the drink -> food is for free -> all you can eat (Blanco Torino, Piazza Vittorio Veneto).  That night we needed a good base for our future plan. It was time to go out. Better said as a motto: to live like a student again. From our guide Gio we got highly secret intel about the life as a student in Torino. It is common that the students enjoy a good drink (good = strongest and hardest) at the highly confidential place called Les Arcades. Try out the Tamango (cherry flavour) or the Misterio (lemon/neutral), side note be prepared with a good base in your stomach!!! The heroes that tried out this drink were ready for another challenge: the absinth bar. Back on the street with small delays due to the crowning of King Simone and a fire on public street we arrived at the absinth bar. Unfortunately due to an agreement, the footage of the crowing are not made for the public eye.

But just for you I documented how my absinth drink was. For further explanation you have to look on the next picture. As far as I remember, two different absinth. One absinth was in the top glas (like a wine glas) and one was in the bottom one (whiskey glas). So then the barkeeper lit the green looking absinth on fire. Stired it around in the glas so the inside of the glas was fully covered by absinth. Destinguish the fire, poored the green stuff in the other glas and put the glas upside down. So the gas-alcohol was trapped inside, next step drink the mixture. Last step take a straw and inhale the gas from under the glas which is upside down……


The absinth location is called 21 Absinthe Café (next to the Piazza Vittorio Veneto).

For our last beer we went to the pubs right next to the Po. You can seat right next to the river enjoy the beer and the noises from the Po. At that specific location and at that specfic date and time a new memorial was born, the Big G Memorial also called Mr. Depression. Joke on you Big Giiiiiii.

Next morning after a kebab (it was already afternoon), Gio showed me a small little museum about the human body with genuine body parts. It is a little bit scary and not made for soft stomachs J.

Next stop top of the hill, we enjoyed the view from the nearby mountain/hill called Superga. There is also a nice looking Basilica there and in combination with the Monumento al Grande Torino a visit worth. (

Dinner time: Argentina beef steak at Volver (via Giovanni Botero), 500 gram pure awesome meat. Side dishes are not important there, the main character in that restaurant is that amazing meat!!!

Morning 3: prepared for a beach day at Finale Ligure by train it is 2h 40 minutes. A really nice beach. Let the footage speak for itself. For dinner we went to a sushi restaurant with all you can eat sushi soooooooooooooo awesome!!!

Last day we went to the Fiat Car Museum some nice looking cars there and the story behind them is really interesting. Nevertheless, after an hour or so I was bored and left my friends there (they were more fascinated by the cars then me J). Next destination was the tower above the cinema museum unfortunately the queue was too long so I decided to take again a delicious focaccia and a nap in the nearby park until my friend came back. And ice cream later and some good Italian food we packed everything properly and our way back started. Unfortunately at the Gotthard we got in a traffic jam, but with the Swiss number plate app the time flew by thanks to Flavio (Skoda with nice mountainbikes).

Arrividerci Italia

Saipan Adventure with a small glimpse of Guam

It was already time again for my next adventure.

This time I booked a cheap flight to Saipan. My diving buddy joined also.

Our travel path was following:

ZRH Frankfurt by bus
Frankfurt Seoul Saipan Guam

  • One night in Frankfurt
  • Stopover of 9h in Seoul
  • approximately 4 days on Guam
  • 7.5 days on Saipan

The reason why I booked a flight to Saipan is simple: the price of the flight ticket.
Maybe it was an errore fare again? 550 CHF for the flight from Frankfurt to Seoul to Saipan, which included a flight with the A380, awesome.


Frankfurt and Seoul
Underwater World Saipan

Frankfurt and Seoul

This adventure did not start as planned….
With a sick throat and some pain, Frankfurt was just a filler day for relaxing and getting used to holidays.
But on Monday I had a little bit more energy, with that energy we had a glimpse on the Dome and had a walked around the Römer, where we also enjoyed the sun and the classic music from a violin player nearby. It was time to start the adventure, we grabbed our lagguage and went to the Frankfurt Airport, where our flight to Seoul waited.


I was so excited. A380 was waiting for me, this was my first time in an A380. Simply amazing airplane, this technology, just awesome. Arrived in Seoul we took the arrex express to the city, it took us 43 minutes and 8’000 Won. Arrived in the center we headed to the N Seoul Tower from the Myeong-Dong station, we walked to the cable car station where we also took the cable car to the top due to the limited time we had in Seoul. On the top of the hill we did not miss the N Seoul Tower Obervatory Combination Package. Two entries, two beers and one big cup of popcorn. A M A Z I N G ! Let the pictures speak for themselves. Also that day we enjoyed an awesome coffee next to the train station, some time later it was already time to head back to the airport because our second flight to Saipan was waiting.

In Saipan a stopover of some hours waited for us. The duration was not the problem but the time of arrival. It was in the middel of the night to be exact,we arrived at 2:30 am and our next flight with the United to Guam was at 8:40 am. We did what everybody does at the airport, walk around, eating, drinking, listen to music, have a conversation and of course sleeping somewhere comfortable. It was finally time to check-in some minutes later we could board our turboprop airplane.


Finally we reached the ground of GUAM.

***Click here for the story on GUAM***


Exallty one year ago we went to Hong Kong but this time we went to Kopenhagen. Lagguage packed and at 10:30 we left our office with some big smiles. We had things to celebrate.

We were flying Swiss we could not wait for the nice awesome Swiss chocolate to arrive. Unfortunately some mean person 😐 took my piece….. and gave it away to somebody else.
After a pleasant flight and some funny rounds of Dooble with some complaints due to our noise level (recommendation at this point for the card game) we arrived at Kopenhagen. We were ready for our Kopenhagen Expiriences. We headed to our hostel which was next to the famous canal (Nyhavn). But firstly we enjoyed an awesome Danish hot dog with a lot of chillis sauce sooooooooo much that the hot dog lady wanted to kill us for our “thing” we created. On the way to the bed wood hostel we enjoyed the walk next to the canal. The weather was awesome and also the atmosphere. After a while we found our hostel where we checked in and met the others. Room and bed ready and red nose and arm, we went to the food market across the canal, where we enjoyed togethere fried chicken with some fries and for sure some beers for cleaning our throats. Outside there were some nice seats for realxing and enjoying the beer right next to the river canal. We were already partying hard the climax was already behind us we needed some new energy and therefore hit the bed for some minutes for recharging the batteries. After recharging, unfortunately, the batterie were emptier than before….. Anyway back on track we walked around and got us some beers and some bread. Valentin and I decided to go to eat something proper, I have have chosen some chicken noodle soup with awesome vegetables in it. As I described, the climax was already expirienced and the hangover could already be feeled in the forehead. So we decided to hit the bed early.

Next day, new game, woke up early enjoyed a good solid breakfast, we were ready to capture the world. Next stop bike rental!!!
On the bike we felt alive, finally!!!!! Geared up with music, snacks and beer we rode to the pretty famous mermaid where we took “the must” photo of the mermaid. It was an amazing day therefore we stop in a park where we enjoyed the atmosphere of Denmark!!! Next event was a homr made crepe by a cute girl in a cute restaurant where we also enjoyed a good cup of coffee. Back on the bike we crused around and enjoyed the vast bike system in Kopenhagen. We drove and drove until we were in Christiana, the area which is independet from whole Kopenhagen and where weed is legal to sell and smoke as far as I found out.But that moment I had no need to try it out.

Our next big stop was the power plant a little bit outside of Kopenhagen. The drive there was adventurous and also the view next to it was exciting. Soon there will be a ski track open on the roof of the power plant, what a nice idea. Last rest was next to the water, where we had a bet going on, unfortunately I lost…. Bet debts are honoroable debts!

Also that day we had some shopping to do therefore we headed to the shopping streets a little bit in the south of centre Kopenhagen. The streets were busy and diverse I was happy when we were finished with the shopping.

Back at the hostel we have met the others and where we had some minutes to rest. First eat something second drink something. Best plan so far, therefore Dominos called for pizza and a bar for our first beer. In the first bar we played some table soccer and had great fun even though the bouncer did not like me xD. After some good rounds of beer we changed pub where we staid the rest of the night. That night we had around 8 in total of incidents where we head near fights in the club. Let’s say the danish have still some viking blood in them :). Due to the summer winter change we lost a hour and it was really quickly 6:00 in the morning. We headed back to the hostel, sleept for some hours to be exact 3 hours, woke up again and then we brought back the bikes. At 11:00 we took the public transport back to the airport, where our flight to Munich -> Zurich waited.



After a relaxing metro ride to the train station nearby our hotel we finally could check-in and prepared us for our first adventure in Hamburg.

We walked through the area next to our hotel (Steindamm Street) which consisted out of around 50% of doner kebab shops. The rest where gambling salons and markets with a touch of the near east. The area was quite diverse.

We enjoyed a really good lunch in an awesome kebab shop. It was called Urfa and they offered delicious dishes which were cooked over an open coal grill, astonishing good. The next days we ate there several times, I totally recommend it.

Full with food we had a walk around the city and the Binnenalster also we took some picture in the nearby Wallringpark. Nothing good can happen when you do not drink beer in Germany therefore we went to the Hofbräuhaus (HB) and enjoyed Bavarian beer.

Next destination was Landebrücken, where we watched the boat for a moment and enjoyed the time in Hamburg. Speicherstadt was also on our list that night where we also walked around and appreciated the views.

Back at the hotel we prepared us for the Reeperbahn. Finally we could experience the Reeperbahn, the famous party area in Hamburg. There were a lot of lightly dressed women all around which had some special offers for men. Anyway we had enough for walking around so we went in to the draft house for some drinks.

Happily the draft house offered live music and we had a great time there until early in the morning.


For breakfast we tried some baklava and other near east specialties. Soooooooo sweet!!!

Sweets with honey, walnuts, cashewnuts, almonds and on and on. There where so many uncommon sweets.

Boat trip! Boat trip!

Back at the Landungsbrücke we took a boat trip to the container harbour. We have seen one of the biggest container ships of the world. Mary Maresk. So impressive. Also we had a great view on the tow boats and the Beverly Hills of Hamburg. One house was sold in 2016 for around 90 millions. During the 50ies that area belonged to the poor fishermen and the “homeless”. Some really expensive yachts were also parked at the shipyard for maintenance.

Back on land we headed it the Elbphilharmonie, the new expensive concert hall in Hamburg. The reservation ticket of 2 € was worth the view from the top also the longest elevator trip in Europe was included. But in the end I expected a little bit more. More insight in to the concert hall or the story about the construction not even a small miniature model was there…

Next exciting stop was at the sky bar 20up (like when you play Mario;) )

Nice decent bar at the 20th floor. Up there you have huge view on the harbour. Do not forget to follow the dress code: sporty elegant so no flip flops and swimsuits.


The next day we, both are interested into technical stuff like airplanes, head therefore to the Airbus plant on the other side of the Elbe. No photos unhappily. But I can tell you holly molly was that impressive. One big plant next to even bigger plants. Also the assembly of the different segments of the A380 were breath-taking. With my average 1.78 m I felt like an ant inside the assembly hall. The dimensions were massive, incredible. The price of 23€ was totally worth it. For sure from my view with my background I would have been more excited if I would have seen the manufacturing process of the parts and not just the assembling. Still amazing.

Small information:

We took the bus 150 from Hamburg Alton train station and got out at the airbus station took us around 40 minutes.


We went back with the fairy so we got on the bus again (150) and got off the bus at the Landungsbrücke Finkenwerder, where the boat to the other side waited and drove us to the Landungsbrücke. Right after we arrived there we headed to Captain San Diego, which is the biggest active museum ship on earth. The storage room was really really big and also the machinery room was wonderful to see. This kind of attraction is exciting for everyone from small to elderly.

After that much of walking we went to the Spanish area where we enjoyed a three course dinner with flabbergasting dishes. Shrimps in oil with garlic. The fish plates with 7 different fishes, side dishes were vegetables, potatoes and rice. For dessert please see the attached picture. Mhhhhm delicious! Panna cotta, prunes with a sweet prune juice and chocolate cake with liquid molten hot chocolate in the inside. No comments.



On our last day in Hamburg we went to the Miniatur Wunderland. Oh shit was that rich in detail. In my opinion the attraction is more for younger people and for kids or families. Of course I appreciated the richness of details and the effort behind the work but it did not catch my full attention as the Airbus plant. After 2 or three hours we have seen everything and had a lunch and a walk in the Schanzenviertel (hipster area of Hamburg). So different than the other areas in Hamburg.


For the cherry on the top of the ice cup we had the view from the St. Michael’s church. The stairway of 77 m was worth the view. Total recommendation!!! Nearly the best attraction of whole Hamburg.

Unfortunately after the church we already had to head back to the hotel and grab our luggage and take our flight back to Zurich.


Amsterdam and Taipei

It was Saturday the 5th of November, I was ready for my next adventure!!! Our first destination was AMS. Our plan was to experience AMS for two full nights. On our first night out we went to the rembrandtplein, where we had a huge choice of different clubs. Our choice fell on the PRIME club. At the time the club was not crowded and we had great fun there. Also the hidden storage room incident on the dance floor was amazing. It was a long night, with the first sun rays we went to our beds in the hostel Meeting Point. After some hours of charging I organize two wok to walk and some beers. The whole Sunday we relaxed with playing Jass (a Swiss card game) and enjoying great Dutch beer. For dinner we grant us a huge doner kebab plate due to the future lack of kebab on Palau. We left the really really cold Amsterdam behind us and had a small stay over in Bangkok, as far as I could remember 5h. We enjoyed our holidays to the fullest with local liquor and food until we could board again.

Next destination TPE.

Taipei the capital city of Taiwan was waiting for us. In front of us was a 22 h stay over in TPE. From the airport we took a bus to the city centre (125 NTD) and takes approx. 1h (for further information please click here. For my travel mate we wanted to organize a snorkel and diving glasses due to the low prices in Asia, we thought so. But in the end we realized that diving gear is horrendous expensive in Taiwan (imported from Japan) more expensive then in Switzerland, we could not believe that. With no additional gear we headed to our hostel (Ximen WOW hostel). This hostel was absolutely amazing and affordable (580 NTD or ca. CHF 19.-), I would rate it 10 out of 10 or 9/11….
The same night we took a taxi from Ximen to Taipei 101, normally I take the metro or cheaper transportation but in this case time was more valuable than money.
Was absolutely astonishing, Taipei 101 even just from the ground. What do you do on a Tuesday night in Taipei?
Yeah you are right you go early to bed because next day we had to catch the flight at 13:35.
Of course NOT!!!!! The destination was WAVE club, all you can drink for around 800 NTD or let’ say CHF 25.-. Ouuu was that fun but the queuing system was really strange, you had to queue a line like for waiting for the TSA. And then at the end you had to handle your empty glass or bottle to the barkeeper for getting the next drink, first time you had to handle him/her the coupon you got at the entrance. Also for small really little shots glasses you had to queue 5-7 minutes…… Then no wonder that some people queued and when they got their drink queued again and while waiting in the queue they could enjoy their liquids. Again late in our bed, alarm clock set to 08:00.

You could see the 2-3 h sleep in the eyes of my mate (like wet whatever), no further comments….. We appreciated our nap on our bus trip to the airport…


FINAL DESINATION was the next statement!!!



In the spring of 2016 to be exact on the 15th April something special happens. Four strange unique guys have been gathered on the airport of Zurich for one goal! The objective of this encounter was one word: Barçelona. These guys waited in front of the gate for boarding the airplane of the Vueling airline. As normal a good journey never starts without any challenges. In this special case the airplane to Barça was delayed for some minutes. Despite the circumstances these men had a good time due to the superb atmosphere. In addition the fire place there contributed a nice touch and also provided a wonderful source of heat.
Finally, the airplane has been landed and these four gentlemen boarded the plane, where one guy met a nice Spanish man from Barçelona. They had a good time and moreover they shared some pleasing experiences. They enjoyed the fascinating world of music. The time flow by and suddenly these four heroes landed the first time in Barçelona. Even the not available refreshment on the flight could stop our guys.

After the usually security check, they bought metro tickets and went straight to the city centre. But after some minutes they realised that the metro will stop earlier than expected, far far away from the destination. Therefore, our main characters took a taxi and had a funny ride to the Plaça Reial. Finally, these men could check-in at their hostel, which was called or is called Kabul. Some people say the hostel is good and has everything you need to survive some days also these men share the same opinion that the hostel provides every necessity. A dorm with four bed and also four lockers cost around 20 euro p.P therefore they paid 80 euro for the whole dorm.

Arrived at the dorm they prepared themselves for a night out, but before they went on an adventure, they boosted themselves with a nice vegetarian Falafel. That Falafel place offered a superb variety of different stuffing for in the Falafel. From carrots and olives to dried tomatoes and a olive paste. These guys enjoyed their meal to the fullest. Just to mentioned, this Falafel was not the last one they ate in Barçelona, more Falafel were eaten during this adventure.
Unfortunately one guy had to cancel the night out due to heavy head ache. Anyway the rest went on and were ready for Barçelona at night.

The whole night in summary:
Ride with a tricycle                                                                                   Check
Enter a club in Barçelona                                                                        Check
Buy water from a strange man and nearly get punched               Check
Arrived at the hostel late in the morning                                          Check
Wake up the sleeping 4th guy due to heavy noises                          Check


Some hours later…..  the whole group stood up and prepared themselves for a nice sight-seeing day in Barça. The four went to a bike rental shop and rented a Lamborghini Gallardo for three days, of course not, they rented four boring city bikes. After some start problems they were finally on the way to the top of Mirador del Poble Sec, where the station of the cable car was. Our four heroes enjoyed the view over the harbour of Barçca. After the crazy downhill part they visited Maremagnum, where they drove over pier street Rambla de Mar. If you want to see a lot of valuable things, you should have a walk around the port near the OneOcean Club. You have no idea what our men have seen.

From a Porsche 911 to Audi R8 to an Aston Martin. Also a green and an orange Lamborghini and not to forget a 100 meter long private yacht were parked.

Also around the port there were different legal and also illegal markets, where you could buy sunglasses, shoes, jewellery etc

After dealing and bargaining, two of the four had now new sunglasses, which were/are really stylish.

Next stop was the beach next to the Plaça del Mar, where they relaxed for some time. Nice to know: some people there offer beer and mojito. The lowest price you could pay for one beer was 1€ and for a mojito around 1€ to 1.5€. Never ever pay 4 or 5 € for one mojito ;). You could get also a massage for 5€.

For the reader who are wondering, yes of course without Happy End and also our four guys did not ask for the price of one.

After the beach our heroes went to the casino for some hours and hoped that they were lucky. In fact: two out of four went out with a profit.

Anyway, sunbathing and a casino visit makes you hungry, therefore they headed slowly back to the hostel, where they ate the phenomenal Falafel again (look, I mention it before, that our heroes will eat more of them 😉 )

Due to the demanding day, these heroes needed a fresh shower therefore they were back at Kabul for a refreshment break.

Our main characters were back on tour and head an appointment with a lady, who promoted and promotes VIP tickets for tourist. Despite the fact, that the tickets aims at pay willingly tourists, four tickets have been bought. The tickets included two free entrances and all you can drink until 1:00.

At around 1:00 the men went to Pasha a Night club at the beach of Barça.
Let’s say it was around 2:00 until every men (included also other tourists like drunk Englishmen and drunk Frenchmen) was in front of the night club.

This can be due to the good condition of these tourists that the journey of our heroes was delayed for some minutes…

Also in addition these French “gentle”men nearly started a fight with one of our main characters. But in the end you can say it is the fault that the Frenchman drank too much alcohol.

The time at the night club summarized:

  • Dancing with others
  • Meet people, for example Russian xD, you are welcome Senior Intercompany Analyst at Johnson & Johnson 😉
  • Drinking
  • Make good conversations 😛
  • Muck around
  • Last but not least have a good time

After a while three of four went slowly home, even though they encountered some troubles on the way back. Small information: a BJ costs 20€. Stop your thinking: No!

Sunday morning: three out of four stood up and had a small trip to Sagrada Familia, where they enjoyed a refreshingly drink in the shade.
The main goal of the Sunday was the match in Camp Nou, Barça vs Valencia. Therefore they headed to the ticket office where they gathered their reserved and prepaid tickets for the match.

This small trip to Sagrada Familia and the ticket office made our three guys hungry. That’s why they headed to a pub/bar, where a buffet of Tapas was waiting for them. With a full stomach they were back on track and on the way back to the hostel, where they finally meet the 4th guy, which was now fully regenerated.

It was 19:30, time to take the bike and drive to Camp Nou. Our guys parked their bike somewhere “safe” and entered the fascinating stadium Camp Nou. Our guys were speechless. The view from the seats was amazing, let’s say astonishing. They were flabbergasted. The stadium was full and the atmosphere was superb. You could see the excitement in the eyes of our heroes.

Again it was time for a beverage and a snack, a hotdog and a beer.
Fortunately or unfortunately Barça lost after 95 minutes of playing.

Tip: take a pullover or a sweater with you to the stadium, even though it was 20°C the wind could cool you drastically down.

Our guys enjoyed the match to the fullest and left the stadium with super amazing memories.

Back on the bike, they drove down back to the Plaça Reial and then further to the clubbing area, where they met the driver of the tricycle from Friday night. He then recommended that the guys should try a shisha bar in the north. They hesitated not even 1 second, so they were on the way to the shisha bar, where they enjoyed the last hours of the Sunday/Monday night.

Monday morning, everybody was happy to pack their luggage… just joking, going home is not always cool, but you know our four men had to go back. Theirs last day in Barçelona have been used for a sunbathing at the beach.But before they went to the beach, they give the food market a chance. You could eat there fresh fruits, ham (jamon), salami etc.. It was amazing. The guys tried some salsiz with garlic and one with paprika, it was the pure heaven.
Later on after a delicous snack they arrived at the beach and started to relax until the promoters with the beer, mojitos, massage and sheets came….

Anyway our guys had created a good strategy to shoo away the promoters. Our four heroes offered always a sip of whiskey-cola to the promoters. The strategy worked really well, but not for the massage ladies. Therefore one man offered a German guy to pay for a massage but unfortunately he declined. The sponsor did not give up and paid the 5€, so that the massage lady gave a massage to the German man. The situation was really funny and our main character had their fun due to the reaction of the German man, which stood up and ran away.

They enjoyed the last sun in Barçelona until it was time to give back the bikes and take a taxi to the airport, where they took the plane back home to the lovely fu**ing cold Switzerland (4°C).


***Barçelona Image Gallery***

Yours wwW




  • Rent a bike in Barçelona (cost for four bikes for 2.8 days 80€, discount 20% between 14:00- and 15:00 at Rent a Bike Barcelona – Barcelona Holiday Bici)
  • Have a walk / ride on the top of the Mirador
  • Enjoyed the variety of things on the Rambles
  • Eat a Falafel at Maoz Vegetarian (4.95€)
  • Attend a match in Camp Nou!!!
  • Eat a wok from Wok to Walk, it was delicious
  • Sunbath at the beach
  • Go to the casino at the beach
  • Visit Sagrada Familia
  • Take a ride with the tricycle
  • Visit the market (Mercado de la Boqueria)


Bee-line: ZRH – Barcelona <-> = 2 x 843.84 km = 1687.68 km, 198.68 Euro