Saipan Adventure with a small glimpse of Guam

It was already time again for my next adventure.

This time I booked a cheap flight to Saipan. My diving buddy joined also.

Our travel path was following:

ZRH Frankfurt by bus
Frankfurt Seoul Saipan Guam

  • One night in Frankfurt
  • Stopover of 9h in Seoul
  • approximately 4 days on Guam
  • 7.5 days on Saipan

The reason why I booked a flight to Saipan is simple: the price of the flight ticket.
Maybe it was an errore fare again? 550 CHF for the flight from Frankfurt to Seoul to Saipan, which included a flight with the A380, awesome.


Frankfurt and Seoul
Underwater World Saipan


Frankfurt and Seoul

This adventure did not start as planned….
With a sick throat and some pain, Frankfurt was just a filler day for relaxing and getting used to holidays.
But on Monday I had a little bit more energy, with that energy we had a glimpse on the Dome and had a walked around the Römer, where we also enjoyed the sun and the classic music from a violin player nearby. It was time to start the adventure, we grabbed our lagguage and went to the Frankfurt Airport, where our flight to Seoul waited.


I was so excited. A380 was waiting for me, this was my first time in an A380. Simply amazing airplane, this technology, just awesome. Arrived in Seoul we took the arrex express to the city, it took us 43 minutes and 8’000 Won. Arrived in the center we headed to the N Seoul Tower from the Myeong-Dong station, we walked to the cable car station where we also took the cable car to the top due to the limited time we had in Seoul. On the top of the hill we did not miss the N Seoul Tower Obervatory Combination Package. Two entries, two beers and one big cup of popcorn. A M A Z I N G ! Let the pictures speak for themselves. Also that day we enjoyed an awesome coffee next to the train station, some time later it was already time to head back to the airport because our second flight to Saipan was waiting.

In Saipan a stopover of some hours waited for us. The duration was not the problem but the time of arrival. It was in the middel of the night to be exact,we arrived at 2:30 am and our next flight with the United to Guam was at 8:40 am. We did what everybody does at the airport, walk around, eating, drinking, listen to music, have a conversation and of course sleeping somewhere comfortable. It was finally time to check-in some minutes later we could board our turboprop airplane.


Finally we reached the ground of GUAM.

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