Guatemala City

11.01.2018 – 13.01.2018

After a short flight from cuidad de mexico I arrived in Guatemala city. The taxi from the airport was waaaay too much as far as I remember 120Q. So my recommendation is to buy for the same amount of money a SIM card and use Uber (would have cost 60Q). I was staying in Tequila Sunrise the beds were okay (8 bed room). But there were just 8 lockers for the whole hostal so I had to store my most important belongings in the safe of the hostal. But the breakfast was included (pancakes with fruits and maple syrup) and the cost of 7.5$ was fair.

I had a full day for seeing the city there were not many things to do. So two nights were enough to see the “whole” city.

The night I arrived I met with Kevin and Lex and we went out to 1001 noches for dinner and a 3 liters dispenser (100Q). I ate a pizza on a stone which was quite good but a little small for my appetite. The 1001 noches is kind of a mall with different food stands and also different bars. From pizza to Guatemalan to dessert you can have everything there. When you enter you have to “buy” a card and top it up with some quetzales. With that card you can pay everywhere but keep in mind the rest on the card cannot be returned so you have to use it.

The next day we walked around the city centre, palace and other important buildings. The local Mercado Central nearby was also interesting but after 15 minutes you have seen it.

For food I recommend following:

La Esquina: awesome place different offers and nice swinging chairs
Sabe rico: organic restaurant
Santo Pan: awesome food (Kevin)
Gas brothers: sushi place (Kevin liked the sushi, for me it was mediocre)

That was everything from Guatemala City.


  • 1001 Noches for dinner and beer or even fancy gin cocktails
  • La Esquina: awesome place different offers and nice swinging chairs
  • Sabe rico: organic restaurant
  • Santo Pan: awesome food (Kevin)
  • Palace and big square
  • Mercado Central
  • Get a SIM card and use Uber for saving money and for safety reason
  • Leave the city as quick as possible


13.01.2018 – 16.01.2018

Arrived in Antigua after a long ride due to traffic jam in Guatemala City, I checked in in Hostal Matox. The private shuttle from my hostel ind Guatemala City to my new hostal was 80Q.

Matox, an awesome hotel everything what a traveler needs. Good beds, stable wifi, books for reading, big kitchen and even a whirlpool!!! They even had bike for free rent! Unfortunately I had to change hostel because I just booked one night and the hostel was full for the other days. So therefore I change to three monkey also a great hostel, just the whirlpool was missing. 🙂

Anyway during my stay I visited the different sites. Different churches, Chocolate museum, central park and the best was the mirador de la cruz. Next destination Panajachel.

Highlights and Recommendations:

  • Mirador del Cerro de la Cruz (go there between 8:00 and 15:00, tourist police is there for security)
  • Eat at the farm Caoba (see the picture, Pizza)
  • for a good salad go to Luna del Miel
  • Central park
  • Chocolate museum (there are two)
  • Santo Domingo
  • Fridas, mexican restaurant, monday and thursday 2×1 cocktail
  • Or even a volcano hike