Santa Clara

29.07 – 04.08 & 06.08 – 08.08 & 16.08 – 18.08

Not really a special but a lovely city. In my case the people made Santa Clara a dream and unforgetful.

I have to mention Ignacio and his wife Rous at this time. I had a great time with them. With the knowledge of Ignacio I enjoyed Santa Clara in a Cuban way.

– Cafe de museo (bar for tourists however awesome mementos pictures and medaillons from the revolution). Cerveza 1.5. Mojito 2.5.
– Che Guevara con Niño statue
– Memorial of the visit of the pope
– Small airplane and helicopter exhibition

But for the help of getting around cheap I am still owing him something. He helped me to get to Viazul station, to a bank to get stamps (sellos) for increasing visa and immigration office. Motoneta (motorcycle with 3 wheels), bus and carriage with horses were our chosen means of transportation. Muchas gracias Ignacio. It was a big pleasure to invite you and your wife for a pizza!!!

Also due to him I got a cheaper and really helpful (stomach) casa perticulares (10 CUC) and I found the service station in Capiro where I have met Gustavo the second time. I got to know Gustavo in a colectivo in Habana while we drove from the beach back to Habana centre.

With Gustavo, his family and friends I had a great time. I did things I did not expect to do on my travel abroad. Some examples share rum with awesome Cubans. Eat dinner with a Cuban family. Dance with Cubans at a festival. Play Call of Duty MW3 at a small lan party. I am grateful that I have met Gustavo. And also his recommendation to climb the stairs to the loma de capiro (lookout over Santa Clara) was remarkable.

My challenging stomach slowed down my schedule. I spent many nights in Santa Clara and finally could continue my writing for wwW and reading of “Helmet for my pillow”. For the night of the 3th August I booked a ride with Viazul to Santiago de Cuba (12h 33 CUC). But I scrapped my plan of going to Santiago de Cuba. Stop stop stop. Gustavo scraped my plan and persuaded me to go with him to Matanzas. Thanks god I accepted his offer to accompany him and his friends!!!

***unexpected Matanzas***

Comment: You can return your ticket and get your money back. You have 30 days valid from the day of departure to get the money back from Viazul (-25%).
– Have a beer in Cafe de Museo
– Tren Blindado
– Have a walk around the airplane exhibition
– Che Guevara con Niño
– Memorial of Che Guevara
– Loma de Capiro (at night)
– Mejunje club for going out, expect huge queues or enter before22:30, Ron Decano for 50 MN
– Walk around the plaza and the cathedral
– Be fascinated by the green hotel in the centre, visible impact craters from the revolution 1958
casa perticulares (Sra. Morales and/or Hostal Roymar, in the impasse of Cespedes and corner with La Cruz, near to tren blindado) 10 CUC / night

Back from Matanzas I enjoyed the time with Gustavo and his friends. Also I could extend my visa in Santa Clara. Six hours waiting in a line that was a huge pleasure…

***famous Santiago de Cuba***

The third time in Santa Clara, I was celebrating the birthday of Gustavo’s father called Gustavo. So there was Gustavo and Gustavo Junior. J. It was a great party a lot of different delicious food. I cannot recall everything but one thing I remember clearly is the winning streak in domino with Yanet. We owned three times in a row. At this point I have to mention and thank my domino teacher Gustavo. Also I could experience the unique atmosphere in el Mejunje (5 MN entry when a Cuban can arrange it for you). Moreover I enjoyed the electronic music which added a greater variety of music to Cuba. The last few weeks my life was always accompanied by Rageton. The last hours I enjoyed with Gustavo and Flago (David) near the Malecon. It was time to prepare for Viñales.

To all the Cubans in Santa Clara and the guys in Matanzas huge thank you for the nice atmosphere, the good time, open minded and lovely hospitality. With you I gathered memories which I will never forget. Secondly, I had some interesting conversations which will stick in my head for ever!

To all the domino, dota 2 and call of duty players out there, be prepared when I come back!


*** Natural beauty, Viñales***