Pirate Bay Baracoa

12.08 – 15.08

After an exciting ride in the colectivo with a small incident (flat tire) (20 CUC) I arrived in Baracoa and at the same moment I fell in love with it, no idea why but I did.

Some time of walking, I found a beautiful casa particulares for 15 CUC a night. Also the dinner that night, Camarones con leche de coco, was astonishing. You should definitely try it out.

But before I was enjoying my dinner I walked around the city. Enjoyed the view from the nearby Castillo (Hotel) and even I climbed on the roof of it, psssssst! With a glas of Santiago de Cuba 12 Years I enjoyed the beautiful view over Baracoa and the nearby Mountain El Yunque. Also I wanted to visit the museum the cuevas but it was closed, a lot of different people recommended it, maybe next time. Moreover I could arrange for the next day a tour to the Yumuri river (20 CUC), which included a small boat trip and a visit to a cacao farm.

On that tour I Have met Luca de Roma, we had plenty of fun. We visited the Yumuri river, which was unfortunately brown to heavy weather last days…. The boat trip was fun and also we could try to open fresh almonds, it is not that easy.
Do not forget to look for the colourful snail next to the mirador. Beautiful colours.
A highlight for me was the visit to a cacao farm, where I could touch and taste for the first time in my life a cacao fruit. I even ate one of the seeds. The farmer explained the different steps for producing Cuban style chocolate, let’s say Cuban farmer style chocolate. I as a Swiss am spoiled with the fine chocolate in Switzerland. The Cuban chocolate due to the lack of machinery was still rough but delicious! That day I got a sunburn, “white” skin after four weeks of sunbathing is still white skin. 😀
One hint: do not store chocolate in your bag pack -> big mess.

That night we went out and had great fun while learning how to dance salsa. With Francisco, a Cuban friend, we could organize a tour to El Yunque and the waterfall next morning at 8:00 am. Thank you very much. The place was called terrazza and it was 2 CUC entry! Also ask a Cuban to buy you a bottle of rum, he will get it for a cheaper price. Tourist price 9.5, Cuban price 7. Amigas gracias for the dance lessons!

We finished the night near the stadium next to a shelter, which was providing some music.

After 2 hours of sleep, we gathered again for our next tour to El Yunque. Luca, Francisco and I were in a zombie state. Marta and Gabriele were fit like sneakers due to their relaxing long night. After buying some beer and bananas we were off to our adventure on El Yunque. In total it was 10 km walking and 750 m altitude to the top. My water consumptions was way over 2 litres! My recommendation is to take 3 litres with you. For sure there is a possibility to buy water (40 min before the top) but 0.5 L is 1 CUC. The lady also offers a really awesome buffet of fruits do not miss it!!! For my hard working body and liver it was a nice refreshing break.
At the top we celebrated the climb and all had a sip of my delicious Havana Club 7 years. Luca we did it!!!!!! I still cannot believe it.

After the descending we enjoyed a long break in the refreshing river until we walked to the water fall, where we spent the rest of the day.

Total cost: 25 CUC taxi divided by 4, 13 CUC El Yunque and 8 CUC Waterfall. The 21 CUC you have to pay to the national park employees.

Thank you guy: Marta, Gabriele and Luca for the awesome time.


In Baracoa I had the best cuba libre and mojito in my life! Visit Yuri in la casa de Yamicel (Marti 145 A, Pelayo Cuervo y C. Frias). Flabbergasting drinks and the sizes are really fair!!!

For dinner we went to la colina (corner of ciro frias and calixto garcias) where we ate delicious comidas.

The same day Baracoa had its birthday with fireworks and big stage at the punto. Unfortunately, all were dead and exhausted and the day ended early.

We could arrange a taxi for next morning, we left around 12:30 to Santiago de Cuba for 15 CUC per person.

There was a friendly Cuban in Baracoa that sold hand-made dominos. They were really nicely made, I would have both one if I would not have travelled any longer. His name was Nicolas Suarez, address Reforma Urbana, Edificio 32, Apartment B in Baracoa. See the pictures!


  • El Yunque and Waterfall (13 CUC and 8 CUC plus taxi)
  • Yumuri river, ask about the status of the river
  • Visit a cacao farm
  • Enjoy the view from the Castillo
  • Playa Maguana y Blanca
  • Try the coco de leche with camarones
  • Enjoy a night out in La Terrazza near to the plaza / cathedral
  • Visit the museum (La Cueva del Paraiso)
  • Spend some nights in casa perticulares de Carina (Cespedes 32 cornor Ruber Lopez)
  • Drink a mojito and a cuba libre with Yuri (casa Yamicel address: Marti 145 A, Pelayo Cuervo y C. Frias)


*** Natural Viñales***