After an awesome flight with the turbo prop machine we finally landed on Saipan and enjoyed the weather.

At 16:00 we met our host, Tillman (from Couchsurfing) at Cafe Mango Six. It was my very first couchsurfing experience.

Anyway he welcomed us and he showed our place for sleeping -> two couches. No problem because he already informed us before that we “just” have a couch for sleeping. His place was awesome, small but was located in the paradise.


The same night we hit the beach bar at the Fiesta hotel and had an awesome first sunset on Saipan.

We called a day and recharged our battery for the next day: Snorkelling at the Pau Pau Beach.

We parked the car at the parking lot and walked as long as we could along the beach to the north where we set up our base.
Then we took our snorkelling gear and swam more to the north where the reef started.


Also on our list was a car trip around the island. I just list some location you should visit:

  • WWII Memorials and Last Japanese Command Post
  • Banzai Cliff
  • Suicide Cliff
  • The Grotto (take swimsuit and snorkelling gear with you)
  • Bird Island Beach!!!
  • Bird Island Lookout
  • Kalebera Cave (was not that spectacular)
  • Marine Beach and Tank Beach

For going back, we took the Middle Road from the Cave to Rte 320, the street or let’s say it was a small way is no tarmac just gravel. So, I recommend you that way back just with a 4 by 4. Due to enoguh time we also went to the Marine Beach and Tank Beach.

Next day we went diving with speedy turtle. Two tanks with full gear (no computer) cost 300$, first location was Lau Lau Beach and second one was the Grotto! Please see the other article I wrote for more impressions.

Under Water World Saipan


It was time to test our adventure skills. From our lovely host, we borrowed camping gear. Tent, air mattress and some courage.

That day we went fully packed with camping gear, enough sushi for a seven-person family, enough beer, whiskey and some dessert to the micro beach where we hired a small ship for giving us a lift to Managha Island!!!

Some organization comments:
Our host organized a permit for camping on the island, it takes usually two working days for getting one, price 0$.
The lift to the island costs 20$ to 25$, also it depends on the time you arrive. If you arrive early you have to pay an additional entry fee on the island. If you arrive later around 15:30 or 16:00 the ticket shop is closed.
We asked the people there for a boat ride the same day it think it was around afternoon 15:00.
My recommendation go to the micro beach and you will see some people that offer the rides. Asked for one the same day.

Thank you Tillman for that hint!!!

Anyway, on the boat our adventure started, we left the boat, I gave the captain and the assistant some sip of my whiskey as a tip :). And told them that they should pick us up at 10:00 next morning!!! From then on, we were alone and nothing could help us, just we two against the nature!!! The night was horrible!!! We had to fight against outrageous crabs there were thousands of them….. That night I could barely sleep. I was happy when we left the island and we were safe again and survived that adventure.

JK, I fully recommend to camp on the island!

Take enough food, alcohol, water and music with you -> then you are safe ;).


It was as I remember correctly the day  near to Thailand New Year’s Eve therefore we went to a Thai restaurant which had at that night a delicious buffet!!!!

But before I tell you about the Thai party, I tell you about my experience at Bubba Gump restaurant. Maybe some of you remember Forrest Gump? That day I did not because I could not remember due to my lack of knowing about Forrest Gump. I am a little bit ashamed to tell you that I have never seen Forrest Gump at that time…

Anyway, in the restaurant I had no chance to answer the quiz….
At that moment, I decided with my friend that we will watch Forrest Gump together back at home and also we will cook shrimp that day.

Decided and done 😉 and now I can proudly tell that I have seen Forrest Gump!!!

Back to my story on Saipan. The same day we have met Mike and Anna (from Couchsurfing). Together we went to Mount Tapochau to see the sunset!!!!! Awesome was also the ride on the back on the pick-up from Mike!!!!

After the sunset, we headed to the Thai party / restaurant. That restaurant I also fully recommend for eating.

The name was Spicy Thai Noodle Place. That night the buffet was just 10$ all you could eat. Water fight and flour fight was included due to the tradition of Thailand. I will never forget that!!! The same night we met some lovely funny Chinese people with whom we had great fun and some rounds of beer.

For our last day on Saipan we decided to relax a little bit at the beach near the tank wreck.

And from then on, the travel back to Switzerland was right a head from us!

But for a lovely ending here some nice panorama from our adventure in the pacific.


My recommendations:

  • Godfathers for a good night at a pub
  • Beach bar (fiesta hotel) for a beer with sunset
  • Snorkelling at Pau Pau Beach
  • View from the mountain
  • Bird Island Beach (park here   and walk down to the beach)
  • Dive in the Grotto with Speedy Turtle
  • Camping on Managha Island
  • Banzai Cliff and Suicide Cliff
  • WWII Memorial and Last Command Post
  • Snorkelling to the rusty tank
  • Eat sushi at Himawari
  • Eat Thai at Spicy Noodles



Underwater World Saipan

We had the pleassure to dive around Saipan. Our choosen dive company was speedy turtle and the price was average on Saipan. I did two dive, one at Lau Lau Beach and one in the Grotto on Saipan. My friend did two other dives near some ship wrecks. Anyway the dives were interesting and also the grey barren dive scenery at Lau Lau Beach was interesting due to the awesome rope route trough the different holes and tunnels. For me it was the perfect start after my last dives on Palau. Enjoy the pictures and the movie! The Grotto is a must for all divers on Saipan!

Saipan Adventure with a small glimpse of Guam

It was already time again for my next adventure.

This time I booked a cheap flight to Saipan. My diving buddy joined also.

Our travel path was following:

ZRH Frankfurt by bus
Frankfurt Seoul Saipan Guam

  • One night in Frankfurt
  • Stopover of 9h in Seoul
  • approximately 4 days on Guam
  • 7.5 days on Saipan

The reason why I booked a flight to Saipan is simple: the price of the flight ticket.
Maybe it was an errore fare again? 550 CHF for the flight from Frankfurt to Seoul to Saipan, which included a flight with the A380, awesome.


Frankfurt and Seoul
Underwater World Saipan