San Marcos la Laguna

24.01.2018 – 25.01.2018

On the 24th I took the boat from San Pedro to San Marco (10Q). When I arrived in San Marcos I went to Villa Tzankujil (100Q a private room) due to a recommendation of a friend. Unfortunately when I arrived the villa was fully booked but I have been lucky. Right next to it (left) there was Casa Azul which had some available rooms for 90Q. Booked!!!

My view:


It was time for lunch, but before I tell you where I ate, I have to describe the awesome breakfast I had in the morning. I had a brownie and pan de chocolate from Circles Café, was so amazing!!!!

Anyway for lunch I went to Comedor Konojel, a non profit project that sell amazing food. Menu costs around 30 Q and is pretty good. Even good for breakfast and dinner.

Later that day I went to the mirador and the “trampoline” where you can jump into the water. They are located in the natural reserve Cerro Tzankujil (15Q, open from 9 to 5). There is also a small hike around the hill and the view is breathtaking. Look at the photos!!!

Thanks Reini for the recommendations.

25th early in the morning (8 am in San Pedro) it was time to take the shuttle to Antigua and then to Guatemala City (125 Q).

It was already the last day in Guatemala, bye bye!!!




San Pedro la Laguna

22.01.2018 – 24.01.2018

I arrived at San Pedro early in the morning by boat (15Q from Santiago). My breakfast was pita bread with falafel at the falafel place (ad humus) for 20Q. The bread was awesome and gave me enough energy to walk to my hostel Zoola, where I slept one night. Zoola had a bar, private rooms, dorm and even a swimming pool. But my night there was strange because there were no other people in the dorm. For dinner I went to Shanti Shanti (near to Zoola) and again I ate falafel, sorry they were just really addictive. It was a calm day for me and used it for recharging my battery.

Next day I took all my energy and started to walk towards San Juan and then the feeling caught me and I walked to San Pablo until San Marcos, where I had my lunch (guess what? falafel). I ate lunch at moonfish and again it was pretty delicious. Relaxed in San Marcos until I took a boat back to San Pedro (10Q).

I could feel my legs and therefore back in San Pedro I went to Sublime. Sublime is a really nice bar / restaurant to hang next to the lake. I had an awesome banana smoothie with milk.


Later that day I arranged my shuttle back to Guatemala City (125Q from San Pedro via Antigua, left at 8 am).

I forgot to mention that I changed hostel (a friend recommended me Mr. Mullets). In that hostel I have met two travellers, whom I knew from Puerto Escondido (the world is small). We played some darts and yazzi. Thanks for the good time.

For dinner I went to a street stand to have some awesome chicken with tortillas, rise and vegetables. The street stand was located near the Spanish school ( It should be the last stand when you walk down the street from Mr. Mullets. 30Q was the whole menu, chignon!!!!

I loved San Pedro!

Next day I took a boat to San Marcos for 10Q.


More recommendations from Mr. Mullets: