Natural Viñales

18.08.2017 – 20.08.2017

We arrived late in Viñales with the bus. That night Carolina and I enjoyed a good dish with some good tuna. Moreover we had a small walk around the cute village. There were a lot of different bars and restaurant to choose from. From our restaurant we had an awesome view on the sunset.

Next day walked around the village visited two Tabaco farms. First was not that good but nice to see how they produce some hand-made cigars from just the leaves. Next farm was friendlier and got more information about the cigar production. Also they take different parts from the plant to produce milder and stronger cigars. They lower the leaf the milder. I was also amazed by the size of the tobacco seeds, they are sooooooo small (TWSS). Also I enjoyed a cigar like Che did, cigar with honey, give it a try!!!

Between the farm and the mirador there was a delicious restaurant where you could order a buffet full of delicious looking food for the cost of 10 CUC. Unfortunately that day I had a huge breakfast and no space left for other food. From the restaurant we headed to the mirador for a small break and for cooling down. The next destination was Vale de Silencio and a small cave nearby. The entry was 2 CUC. A guide and some flashlights were included. I got some insight of the different stone types in the cave. Greet the cave frog from me!

Our route ended at a rum coffee honey farm where we tried the different products. Coffee could have been better. I was a big fan of the rum and I also bought one for 10 CUC. Good stuff.

For dinner we enjoyed the lobster from our casa perticulares. A W E S O M E!!! Just delicious and the 10 CUC for it was fair.

After two nights we decided to leave Viñales due to lack of activities there. Of course you could do other hikes or horse ride tours but we did it already in Trinidad.

Next day we travelled to Havana, our colectivo did not show up… In the end we took a regular taxi to Piñar del Rio and then a Cuban bus to Havana in total 15 CUC.


  • Spend some nights in Yanet y Maritza, Salavdor Cianero (interior) Edificio 5 Apto 12, +53 58203311, try the lobster!!!
  • Tobacco Macondo Organic Cigars, nice short tour with good cigars
  • Ecological Farm El Paraiso, 10 CUC buffet and nice view
  • Mirador next to th El Paraiso
  • Valle del Silencio
  • Cave de Silencio with guide and lamps (2CUC)
  • Coffee, rum and honey farm (between Valle del Silencio and Viñales)
    • All points are available on the app


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