Astonishing Valle de Bravo

13.10.2017 – 15.10.2017

I went a short weekend to Valle de Bravo. It is a really cute town with an awesome lake.

I went from CDMX to Toluca by ETN and then I took a bus to Valle de Bravo which took around 2 hours. It was already really late so that day ended without sightseeing in VdB.

Next day we had a walk around in the centre and had also a look what we could do there. We decided to go to the harbour to take a nice boat trip. Due to my strict budget we looked for other tourist, who wanted to share a boat trip with us. A boat trip (30 minutes) cost around 600 pesos and covered the most important places. After we found a couple to share the trip with, the boat trip could get started. We bought some beers and drinks and we were ready. It was a really nice day and also some really nice views from the boat. Also I found my future house, which I will buy soon, hahahah maybe. See the view by yourself.


We got really lucky, the couple we asked for sharing the boat ride invited us to go with them. With the car of them we visited the waterfalls nearby. Unfortunately, due to an incident, we did not have enough time to walk all the way down to the lake :/. Maybe next time, when I am in VdB I will walk until the lake.

Even that evening, we had good plans for going out and taste the different restaurants around the town. But my stomach did not want and therefore we headed to the hospital / red cross where I got an IV due to my on-going gastritis….

Next day with a healthier stomach, it was time to climb the mirador of VdB. The mirador it is an absolutely must to climb it. Entry is around 20 pesos, paid at the bottom of the stairs, you cannot miss it. It was absolutely amazing!

The bus back to Toluca was already calling. We went back to our accommodation and we got lucky again. The son of the owner was heading back to Toluca by car and offered to give us a lift to Toluca, awesome!!!


  • Have a walk around in the centre
  • Boat trip on the lake
  • Visit the waterfalls
  • Enjoy the different artisanal markets

Touristic colourful Trinidad

25.07 – 27. 07

Arrived in Trinidad we had a walk around in the vintage colourful village. In addition with the fruits (5 MN) the Cubans sell on the street it was a nice day. Also we had a visit at the different tourist markets, where I bought my Cuban hat and shirt.

That day we did not expect that we will end up on a horse ride to a small awesome waterfall. The cost for two persons (entry included) was 22 CUC. As far as I remember the place was called Gruta Nengoa. It included also different possible jumps in the natural swimming pool. From 4 meters up to 15 meters.

We went out for dinner in a restaurant called Paladra. I do not recommend it due to not so good food. I mention it because in there happened something funny. We got a menu where the prices where following:

Cerdo / pork 6 CUC
Langosta / lobster 12 CUC
Pescado / fish 8 CUC

We had also a look on the menus of the other tourists. In our surprises they had other menus or better said higher prices. Pork 10 CUC, lobster 15 CUC, fish 15 CUC. Strange Trinidad.

Anyway next morning we had organized a taxi for following tour: It is called the valle de inginios. First destination is a mirador over the valley. If you have some money left you can also do a zip line there! Next stop was at an old sugar cane factory. After we paid the entry fee of 1 CUC we joined a guide and he told the story about the place. For me it was really interesting. Last stop was in Maznaca Iznaga a 44 meter high tower, which you can of course climb (1 CUC). After the amazing view we enjoyed a coco for 1 CUC. The whole taxi cost 25 CUC for four people which was a really fair price. Keep in mind that this tour takes just 3 hours.

After the hot day we went to the beach to get a refreshing bath. The beach day was quickly over due to heavy rain and even in the hurry to get a taxi we forgot our delicious rum at the beach that was the saddest part of it. Taxi cost around 6 CUC from the centre. Back the driver charged us 10 CUC due to the weather condition…

Next morning our taxi picked us up. The agent and the driver wanted the money beforehand. Unfortunately some people found out that they had to pay more than others, so you can guess the mess. From Trinidad to Santa Clara 15 CUC, to Remedios 20 CUC and to Santa Maria 25 CUC. After 1h 50 minutes we finally saw the street sign that we left Trinidad.

Maybe you noticed while reading this part about Trinidad that it was not written with ambitions, maybe due to lack of interest in to Trinidad. Trinidad is colourful and nice but really too touristic for my liking. Of course the horse ride was fun and a big adventure in the end I think I had to high expectations from that famous popular town. Maybe next time it is better. Nobody knows.

– Have a walk in the colourful village
– Enjoy the diversity of tourist souvenirs
– Attend a horse ride to the nearby little waterfall
– Do a tour to the bigger more famous waterfall
– Enjoy the view from the 44 m high tower in Managa Iznaga


***Unknown Remedios and flabbergasting Cayo Santa Maria***