Astonishing Valle de Bravo

13.10.2017 – 15.10.2017

I went a short weekend to Valle de Bravo. It is a really cute town with an awesome lake.

I went from CDMX to Toluca by ETN and then I took a bus to Valle de Bravo which took around 2 hours. It was already really late so that day ended without sightseeing in VdB.

Next day we had a walk around in the centre and had also a look what we could do there. We decided to go to the harbour to take a nice boat trip. Due to my strict budget we looked for other tourist, who wanted to share a boat trip with us. A boat trip (30 minutes) cost around 600 pesos and covered the most important places. After we found a couple to share the trip with, the boat trip could get started. We bought some beers and drinks and we were ready. It was a really nice day and also some really nice views from the boat. Also I found my future house, which I will buy soon, hahahah maybe. See the view by yourself.


We got really lucky, the couple we asked for sharing the boat ride invited us to go with them. With the car of them we visited the waterfalls nearby. Unfortunately, due to an incident, we did not have enough time to walk all the way down to the lake :/. Maybe next time, when I am in VdB I will walk until the lake.

Even that evening, we had good plans for going out and taste the different restaurants around the town. But my stomach did not want and therefore we headed to the hospital / red cross where I got an IV due to my on-going gastritis….

Next day with a healthier stomach, it was time to climb the mirador of VdB. The mirador it is an absolutely must to climb it. Entry is around 20 pesos, paid at the bottom of the stairs, you cannot miss it. It was absolutely amazing!

The bus back to Toluca was already calling. We went back to our accommodation and we got lucky again. The son of the owner was heading back to Toluca by car and offered to give us a lift to Toluca, awesome!!!


  • Have a walk around in the centre
  • Boat trip on the lake
  • Visit the waterfalls
  • Enjoy the different artisanal markets

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