Rome, Roma, Colosseum, Vatican

My friend and I arrived at 20:30 at the airport of Roma Fiumicino and noticed that there was no duty free shop for arrivaers to be accurate no “cheap” alcohol for us. Anyway we headed to the train station and we bought a 1st class ticket. Yeah you read it right, a 1st class ticket (14€, 1/2 h) not because we had too much money, no, because we did not want to spend 1h (8€) in a train to Roma Termini.

After a half an hour we got out of the train and went to our hotel near the train station. The name of the hotel was everest and a bed cost around 30€ per night with taxes. Later on we took the bus (1.50€ single) to Piazza Mastai because our receptionist told us that there were some pubs and good locations for going out. Anyway we could not find a really good place to have fun but in the end we spent our time near a “pub” (bar san calisto) and after some hours we called it a night due to our tour on the next day.

Next morning we get up and looked for a breakfast for champions. Some minutes later we found a location where you could get a menu (salad, lasagne and a drink) for 9.90€. The lasagne and the salad were good. Colosseum was our next destination. It was worth it to see the colosseum in real life but I imagined it a little bit bigger.

Where great expectations are there can be great disappointments (wwW, 2016).

Later on we rented a city bike for 10€ a day (best decision ever!!!).

Now a short summary what we visited or did:
We drove on the circo massimo
Campo de Fiori
Piazza Navona
Ponte Umberto I to Ponte Principe (James Bond was also on that street next to the river)
Piazza Pio XII, Drove around State of Vatican
Castel Sant Angelo
Palazzo di Giustizia Piazza del Popolo
Villa Medici
Trinita dei Monti
Fontana di Trevi
Colonna Traina, Foro di Nerva
and Colosseum

After this tour we went back to the hotel for a rest. 🙂
If you asked how long we the tour was: 12:00 until 18:00.
Of course we did some breaks, eating and drinking stops. Also we took some pictures, but we did not enter any buildings or monuments.

In the night we went for a pizza to Gallina Bianca. Wood oven and the pizza (~9€) was delicious. Also the bottiglia vino rosso (16€) was good.
After the excellent dinner we went to Campo de Fiori. The square was really busy and a lot of bars were there. We found a pub where you could play beer pong for 15€. It was great fun and the people were nice. We had good, funny and interesting conversations with the italians. Around 4 we took a taxi to our hotel (3 km around 10€, taxometer).

Next day we went to Piazza della Repubblica it was okay but not really necessary.

The time came where we had to think to go back to home. First we wanted to take the bus for 8€ (55 min) because we had enough time. But when we wanted to buy our ticket in advance, the lady told us that the bus was fully booked out. Therefore we took the train again….

Some hours later we said bye bye Italia see you again.

Pictures tell more than thousand words!!!

Facts about Roma:
Train Airport F. to Termini 1st class 14€, 30 min
Bus 90 min, Single 1.50€Taxi 3 km ~10€
Beer 33cl 1.30-1.80€ @mini markets
Pizza Margherita 6-9€
Renting a city bike near the Colosseum 10€ a day
Our hotel everst in Via Cavour around 30€ a night

Must seen:
Street next to the river
Piazza Navona because of Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi

Did I forget something? If yes please leave a comment!

Bee-line: ZRH – FCO – ZRH 2x 692.70 km = 1385.40 km


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